Best of the Videos of the Day! A Top 10* List

This isn’t a scientific measurement, or really even an exact list. The Video of the Day project on WNY.FM’s facebook page has given me a chance to hear/see a lot of music that I might never otherwise have been exposed to. This, then, is a loosely assembled list of videos that I saw and loved this year.

Some were from before 2014, but all are relatively recent … and each was a Video of the Day in 2014. None of the archival videos for this post, and none of WNY.FM’s original videos.

So here’s the countdown:

10* — Juini Booth & Friends at the Colored Musicians Club: Why the asterisk? Because there’s a tie for No. 10. This one’s from 2013, with Juini Booth (bass)  playing with George Caldwell on piano, Carlos Day on trumpet, Dave Phillips on drums and Miles Tucker on sax. Some great jazz, Buffalo style.

10* — Those Idiots – I Want To Rock & Roll All Night (and Polka Everyday): Our other No. 10 makes clear that I can’t resist the silly and ridiculous. And they don’t get much more silly or ridiculous than Those Idiots. They can turn anything into a polka. The perfect pick for April Fool’s week.

9 — Alison Pipitone – Helpless: Alison Pipitone is one of those artists who you suddenly realize has become an institution on the local scene. It’s hard to believe Pipitone has recorded so many albums over so many years, and this video came off her new one this past year. It’s one of several shot in the grain elevators this year.

8 — Willie Nile – One Guitar: Buffalo Music Hall of Famer Willie is a WNY boy who has been restrengthening this local ties over the past few years. Well, he started last yar by playing with Bruce Springsteen and Mike Peters (of the Alarm) down in Asbury Park, N.J.

7 — Handsome Jack – Right On: Buffalo has always had a spot in its heart for 1970s-style hard rock. Handsome Jack nails it.

6 — The New Beginning Choral Assembly – Rock My Soul: The energy on this one is off the charts, but what really pushes this one over the top is the dancers. Hall of Famer Ella Robinson leads the group.

5 — The Steam Donkeys – Gimme Shelter: The Steam Donkeys are another great Buffalo institution, and on this one they do some Rolling Stones as an encore with a crowd of other performers at the Larkinville show. It’s a great example of the vibe of the Larkin shows.

4 — Chuckie Campbell – Synesthesia: Chuckie Campbell is a teacher and a coach – and also a rapper. He’s done some great work this year, doing well-produced videos, playing with live bands and staying positive.

3 — Cosmic Shakedown – Can You Help Me: This one says 1972 to me. Grand Funk. Heavy stompin’ music. Retro in a great way.

2 — Alan Evans’ Playonbrother – Back to Buffalo: A shoutout back home that’s also a great funky jam from one of Buffalo’s best connections to the national scene.

1 — The Sleepy Hahas – I Hate My Body (and it hates me too): The Sleepy Hahas have staked out their position as one of the city’s most interesting and energetic bands. This video is one example.

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