By ‘Bob The Record Guy’ Paxon

Here’s another 45 from Buffalo’s legendary MO DO Records label. I don’t know much about Gerald Trotter and it seems no one else in the record collecting world or the Soul music world does either, that I’m aware of.

I’ve seen speculation that he may have been from Detroit but I think it’s more likely he’s actually from Buffalo. He co-wrote one side of this 45 (MO DO 22627/8) with Buffalo’s Bobby Nunn, for one thing. Bobby was the son of label owner William ‘Billy’ Nunn and one-half of MO DO recording duo Bob & Gene. That side – “The Love In My Heart” – is a Deep Soul ballad which shares a lot of the features of the Bob & Gene sides.

Today we’re featuring the uptempo B-side. “One More Hurt” is a raw, mildly funky version of the tune previously cut by Marjorie Black for Sue Records. These sides were released on an indifferent record buying public in 1968 and sold very poorly, denying Trotter the opportunity to cut another for MO DO. And he appears to have never cut any other records either; like Albert O, the other one-shot MO DO soul man of mystery

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