Videos of the Day

WNY.FM has been doing a Video of the Day on Facebook since October of 2012. Since then, we’ve featured over 1,200 videos with performers who are either from the Buffalo/Western New York area or have their roots there. Has your band been featured?

Check out our list of VODs, updated on Oct. 21, 2015.

Band or last Name First name URL Date FB/twitter comments
Szelest Stan 10/21/15 Today marks 3 years of VOD, so we wanted to do something special. How about Stan Szelest at Carnegie Hall, playing with a cast of all-stars? Watch for his solo moments in this!
Spin Wires 10/20/15 Here’s one from a couple of years ago by the Spin Wires.
Highwire 10/19/15 Highwire did a reunion show earlier this month. Here is some Steve Robinson video from it.
Kothen Andrew 10/18/15 A quiet song for a laid back day (at least in WNY.FM land). Andrew Kothen, playing Nietzsche’s.
Kharlos 10/17/15 Brian Gorman shoots some cool vids. Here’s relatively new one from Kharlos.
Janice Mitchell & Jim Beishline 10/16/15 Here’s one of the videos from the HOF gala, Janice Mitchell & Jim Beishline pay tribute to those we’ve lost in the last year.
Nile Willie 10/15/15 Here’s Willie Nile playing with Mike Peters, last month at Mohawk.
Randle & the Late Night Scandals 10/14/15 Randle & the Late Night Scandals at the Iron Works, with nicely done video by
Radarada 10/13/15 Here’s one from a few months back by Radarada, with vid by our friends at The Starve. #radarada
What the Beck 10/12/15 What the Beck at the Tralf Saturday night. … Is that Erica Wolfing doing vocals?
Old Friends 10/11/15 Here’s the tribute to Jackson C. Frank at the BMHOF inductions with a version of his classic song.
Traditional 10/10/15 Brand new from the Traditional!
Hypnic Jerks 10/9/15 It’s a little late, but we’re back to some of the new stuff coming out. Here’s Hypnic Jerks.
Hall of Fame Jam 10/8/15 HOF night tonight! Here’s the start of the jam session from a couple of years ago. Starts with same song as last night’s Doo Rags post, but morphs into epic jam!
Process & Doo Rags 10/7/15 Final inductee video for today. Process & Doo Rags, three members, performing with Tom Lorentz.
BBC Band 10/7/15 No. 2 of tomorrow night’s inductees, John Connelly … here w/ the BBC band, taking on the Bee Gees.
Boys of Summer 10/7/15 1st of 3 HOF inductees today. Here’s a very short piece of early Boys of Summer!
Wynne Jim 10/6/15 Video of the Day 2: Here’s more HOF inductee music with Jim Wynne!
Durante Dolly 10/6/15 More HOF inductee music. Dolly Durante!
Nunn Billy 10/5/15 Here’s Pt. 2 for today, HOF inductee Billy Nunn. There are higher quality vids out there, but like this one for its sheer craziness.
Frank Jackson C. 10/5/15 We’re doubling up as HOF indux draw near. Here’s what may be only existing Jackson C. Frank film.
Buffalo Select Chorus 10/4/15 BMHOF roll call continues w Linda Rose Lombardo Appleby & the Bflo Select Chorus she helped found.
Brucato Jim 10/3/15 More BMHOF w Jim Brucato! Gala next Thursday, 10/1. Here he does a standard.
Parker Robert “Freightrain” 10/2/15 We’re in countdown stage to the Buffalo Music Hall of Fame Inductions on 10/8 at the Cove, on Transit. We’ll be doing all HOF until then. So here’s Robert Freightrain Parker, featured back when he was playing with Rock Bottom!
Pink Doodle Poodle 10/1/15 Here’s an adopted Bflo band (with a Bflo drummer in this, I think). Pinky Doodle Poodle. They’ll be at Mohawk 10/21.
Black Rock Zydeco 9/30/15 This one from the Great Blue Heron just went up a few days ago. Black Rock Zydeco!
Facilty Men 9/29/15 The Facility Men get their angst out in just about 2 minutes. From Sugar City. #SugarCity
Case Peter 9/28/15 Here’s Peter Case from his 9/11 show at the Sportsmen’s Tavern with Whitford, Winsick & Lynch.
Wolf 9/27/15 Here’s brand new video from our friend Wolf, shot down in Nashville. Great song!
Voodoo Friends 9/26/15 Here’s one from a few years back from Voodoo Friends, via Buffablog, Brian Gorman & crew.
Buffalo 5 9/25/15 Guitar riffing from Buffalo 5, with really nicely shot video for Community Supported Ag.
Full of Grace 9/24/15 We’re going back to the Continental, 1985, Full of Grace!
Dive House Union 9/23/15 Dive House Union at Larkin. A little more StrawberryIsland Dweller video.
Morlix Gurf 9/22/15 Native Hamburgan Gurf Morlix returns to the #sportsmenstavern Friday night. Here’s a beautifully shot, beautifully performed vid from a couple of months ago.
Lazlo Hollyfield 9/21/15 Lazlo Hollyfeld & Friends take on Talking Heads’ “Psycho Killer”! Strawberryislanddweller vid
McWilson Marsha 9/20/15 Let’s start out this Sunday with some gospel from Marsha McWilson at NF blues fest.
Foster Ronnie 9/19/15 Here’s some great Ronnie Foster music, recent show, put out as a promo for show today in LV. … We’d love to see him come back for a show in WNY!
Campbell Chuckie 9/18/15 Chuckie gave us a shout-out today (thanks!) as he announced his new video, which is indeed pretty cool. #chuckiecampbell
Rockaz 9/17/15 The Rockaz w some WNY reggae at Nietzsche’s.
Welks Mice 9/16/15 Welks Mice at MIA on a very rainy Saturday night. #welksmice
Super Killer Robots 9/15/15 How long can we keep this MIA thread going? Super Killer Robots! #SuperkillerRobots
Goo Goo Dolls 9/14/15 Another MIA. What is it about the Goos and Buffalo and rain?
Gree Jello 9/13/15 Waited to see what would come from MIA. It’s Green Jello. Maybe the funniest I’ve ever seen them. #MusicisArt #GreenJello #RobbyTakac Video by James Grimaldi
Freeland Mark 9/12/15 It’s MIA Day at Delaware Park! Here’s Mark Freehand from earlier MIA days.
Quakes 9/11/15 I don’t think we’e done this one before … vintage Quakes at the Continental!
Subtle Words 9/10/15 From the punk house earlier this year.
South of Nowhere 9/9/15 Just in time not to miss a day, here’s South of Nowhere from about a decade ago.
Mr. Boneless 9/8/15 Lots of fine WNY music has Fredonia roots. Like Mr. Boneless. Great vid by Pat DePuy, too.
Bolles Casey 9/7/15 Casey Bolles is signed to Berkeley’s Pure Noise Records, but he does acoustic here. #CaseyBolles
Baczkowski Steve 9/6/15 Steve Baczkowski co-stars on this one, recorded with Bill Nace.
Irving Klaws 9/5/15 Two of our favorite bands … the Irving Klaws and the Enemies, from last year.
James Rick 9/4/15 Sure it’s Eddie Murphy. But it’s also Rick James, so it’s WNY! Get the long weekend party started.
Naturalists 9/3/15 Here’s a brand spankin’ new one from the Naturalists!
Sue Kincaid & Doug Yeomans 9/2/15 Sweet sounds from Sue Kincaid and Doug Yeomans at the Sportsmens Tavern.
J-Heat 9/1/15 Here’s a new rap from J-Heat. The music actually starts about 35 seconds in.
Gruvology 8/31/15 Here’s Gruvology from a recent Larkin Square show, video by our friends at buffalo. fm
Militello Bobby 8/30/15 Lotta jazz this week! Here’s Bobby Militello playing with Frontier jazz kids in 2008. Link picks up with Bobby’s solo a couple of minutes into the song.
Adam Bronstein’s Freehand Band 8/29/15 Here’s Adam Bronstein’s Freehand Band, edited with studio scenes.
Cosmic Kat 8/28/15 Cosmic Kat. It will be interesting to see where the music takes these kids.
Colquhoun Michael 8/27/15 Michael Colquhoun always makes interesting music. This is from 2009, with vid by Brian Milbrand.
Marinara Paul 8/26/15 Wow, this one has to bring a tear to the eye. Paul Marinaro does a duet with his dad’s voice from decades ago. Paul will be coming home to perform at MusicalFare this Saturday (8 p.m.) and Sunday (2 and 7).
Kensingtons 8/25/15 Here are the Kensingtons with a standard.
Myers Steve 8/24/15 Here’s something pretty cool from Steve Myers.
Buffalo Silver 8/23/15 Calling all Cossacks. It’s the Buffalo Silver brass band.
Blue Ribbon Bastards 8/22/15 Blue Ribbon Bastards will be at Mohawk today for Rumble in the Rust Belt. Just wish vid was shot horizontal!
Aqueous 8/21/15 Aqueous kicks out the jams on “War Pigs.”
Costly Mike 8/20/15 Mike Costley is a Bflo native who has become a Palm Beach, Calif., legend. Here he guests on a standard.
DeRosa Vinnie 8/19/15 Here’s one from a couple of weeks ago at Larkin. Vinnie DeRosa that night. Gruvology tonight.
Salter Big Band Larry 8/18/15 Stevie will be playing in Bflo Nov. 19 … Here’s a recent tribute from the Larry Salter Soul Orchestra.
Shakespeare in Delaware Park 8/17/15 Shakespeare in Delaware Park closed last night. Here’s the musical interlude opening the second act.
Harper Dan 8/16/15 Here’s a raw and cool rehearsal video from Dan Harper & the Magic Show.
Kennel Austin 8/15/15 Here’s something acoustic from Austin Kencel, at the Northrup House.
Stone Country 8/14/15 Here’s Stone Country from M&T awhile back. Video by StrawberryIslandDweller.
Semi Tough 8/13/15 Here’s some vintage Semi Tough, from Nickel City Dave.
Randle & the Late Night Scandals 8/12/15 Randle & the Late Night Scandals, live at Canalside.
Tee DJ Henri 8/11/15 Here’s a new beat vid from DJ Henri Tee, with lots of local found or stock footage.
Unity Band 8/10/15 Video of the Day extra: Here’s the second Unity Band video. Just what is hip, anyway?
Unity Band 8/10/15 Here’s a original video, the Unity Band with “Chain of Fools” at M&T. Watch for more Unity later today!
Outer Circle with Drea D’Nur 8/9/15 Epic jam at Larkin! Outer Circle with Drea D’Nur. Vid by our friends at
JJ Swing 8/8/15 This Chicago cover by JJ Swing just feels like summer.
Moore John 8/7/15 Here’s what John Moore, formerly of 53 Days, has been up to lately.
Buffalo Music Hall of Fame inductee announcement 8/6/15 No music today … here’s the announcement of Buffalo Music Hall of Fame class of ’15.
Last Sentry 8/5/15 Some high school rock from The Last Sentry.
McEwen & Soul Invaders Billy 8/4/15 Video of the Day Extra: Here’s a 2nd Billy McEwen song from that day, a Fats classic!
McEwen & Soul Invaders Billy 8/4/15 Here’s one from Hall of Fame week at M&T Plaza. It’s Billy McEwen & the Soul Invaders with a killer version of “How Blue Can You Get.” #billymcewen
Folkfaces 8/3/15 Here’s a original, Infringement Folkfaces from last Thursday. Buffalo Infringement Festival #folkfaces
Strange Standard 8/2/15 More Infringement! Here’s Strange Standard. Buffalo Infringement Festival
Science Lion 8/1/15
Wolfling Erica 7/31/15 Here’s our friend Erica Wolfling w vid from Pamela Swarts, queen of the infringement videos! Buffalo Infringement Festival
Chloroform 7/30/15 More Infringement – Chloroform. Buffalo Infringement Festival
Juini Booth & David Adamczak 7/29/15 Time to start putting up some of the cool/interesting/strange stuff from Infringement! Juini Booth, David Adamczyk, Heather Gring.
Mallwalkers 7/28/15 Here are the Mallwalkers from just about two years ago. A little no wave?
Aqueous 7/27/15 Video of the Day Extra: Aqueous does moe. Full set. Nuff said.
Sweet Tumbleweed 7/27/15 New band, classic sound. Sweet Tumbleweed.
Skyepilot 7/26/15 Here’s Skyepilot, from the shore of Hoyt Lake.
Full Caliber 7/25/15 One of the good things about doing VOD is we find things we never knew about. Like this piece of hard rock from 2009.
moe. 7/24/15 This one’s from last year from moe. For dads of daughters, watch it!
Parousia 7/23/15 From the archives, here’s some progressive pop from Parousia from 25 years ago.
Sixties Future 7/22/15 Here’s a cool video from Sixties Future, with friend Andy Meyer (he was our first intern!) among the videomakers.
Kody Nick 7/21/15 Here’s a great song and quirky video from Nick Kody & crew. Aimee Peters looks terrified!
Darkapathy 7/20/15 Oh, why not start out the week with some doom death metal from darkapathy. Brings back memories of quarters spent battling Gorgar!
Critt’s Jukejoing & the Buffalo Philharmonic 7/19/15 How is this for cool combinations. Critt’s Jukejoint and the BPO.
Mr. Boneless 7/18/15 Mr. Boneless live in the studio at Mammoth.
Tearwave 7/17/15 Here’s one from a couple of years back from Tearwave.
Growlers 7/16/15 More good new stuff from the Growlers.
Ish Kabibble 7/15/15 Here’s Ish Kabibble from last year’s Infringement Fest. This year’s is just around the corner!
Formalists 7/14/15 Here’s one from a couple of years back, the Formalists. #forealists
Mr. Conrad 7/13/15 Here’s something we don’t get to see all that often … Conrad on the keys! If memory serves, he was a piano player before becoming guitarslinger.
Chester Copperpot 7/12/15 Chester Copperpot rocks out a bit here, from last year. Like the Super KIller Robot shirt, too!
Tiger Chung Lee 7/11/15 New band, great old sound – Tiger Chung Lee.
Code Red 7/10/15 WNY hip hop via Code Red/Empire. Mildly NSFW with a little language.
Tins & Applennium 7/9/15 Here’s one that captures feel of last night’s Larkin Square end of show jam: Tins and Applennium.
Stahl Tom 7/8/15 It’s concert in the park season. Here’s Tom Stahl & the Dangerfields.
Grind Jerry 7/7/15 Let’s get loud (and a little obnoxious). Here’s Jerry Grind. One song in one minute.
King Savannah 7/6/15 Savannah & the Kings have a new vid, paying tribute to growing up across the lake from TO.
Feldman Morton 7/5/15 Morton Feldman was one of the major figures in Bflo music in the ‘70s and ‘80s. Here’s one of his compositions from a performance at the Burchfield-Penney a few years back, featuring Amy Williams and Jonathan Golove.
Last Shot 7/4/15 Last Shot, in a reunion show, does its version of “White Rabbit.”
Rearview Ramblers 7/3/15 Rearview Ramblers at Ninth Ward.
Q Phunkk 7/2/15 Back to the Hard Rock for Q Phunk’s take on a Dyke & the Blazers classic.
Chizuk Jess 7/1/15 Here’s Jess Chizuk with one of her originals at the Hard Rock.
Celani Scott 6/30/15 Scott Celani has been working with a band called Southtowner. Here he does one of their songs.
Stalking Neptune 6/29/15 Here’s something brand new from Stalking Neptune, music produced by Doug White, vid by the Starve.
Ten Cent Howl 6/28/15 Here’s a new one from Ten Cent Howl, at the Sportsmen’s Tavern, vid by
Lost Elysium 6/27/15 Here’s a taste of some cold (see the video description), hard rock from Lost Elysium.
Satellite Nation 6/26/15 here’s one from last year from Satellite Nation.
A Failed Apology 6/25/15 It’s M&T season downtown. Here’s Tom Stahl & the Dangerfields with one appropos for Sunday past.
Stahl Tom 6/24/15 This one’s just over a year old, from A Failed Apology.
Ould Pond 6/23/15 Vieo of the Day: Here’s Ould Pound, live at Milkie’s.
Grabbitz with Deadmau5 6/22/15 Here’s Grabbitz with Deadmau5 at the Waiting Room for recent EP release show.
Goo Goo Dolls 6/21/15 and here’s some Goos from a ways back.
Erectronics 6/20/15 Video of the Day; Ancient Erectronics.
Growlers Blues Band 6/19/15 Here is the Growlers Blues Band to rock you into the weekend.
Brown Sugar 6/18/15 The Brown Sugar experience, live in the studio.
Klyma Greg 6/17/15 for the past 15 years or so Greg Klyma has been creating his own community of fans and fellow musicians across the nation. Here he is in Boston. If you’re lucky you can catch him at a house show in Bflo on June 23.
National 6/16/15 Video if the Day: New this week, here’s The National.
Cosmic Kat 6/15/15 young jazz funksters are featured here. Video by our friends at
Harper Dan 6/14/15 Here’s a mash-up of pieces of performance by Dan Harper & the Magic Show, done by Paul Panzarella.
Sleepy HaHas 6/13/15 New from the Sleepy Ha Ha’s!
Chris Abby and Tom Fenton and David Kolaga 6/12/15 Today’s features Chris Abbey with Tom Fentin and David Kolaga.
Slugfest 6/11/15 This was hardcore 1993.
Chic Parade 6/10/15 Chic Parade is one of the cooler new bands in Bflo. Here they are a couple of months ago at the Mohawk.
Wolf 6/9/15 Brand new from Wolf!
Goo Goo Dolls 6/8/15 The Goo Goo Dolls completed their own Triple Crown of playing horse racing’s biggest events on Saturday, Here’s a rough audience video of them doing “Rebel Beat.”
Intrepid Travelers 6/7/15 Here’s something new from the Intrepid Travelers.
Waves 6/6/15 It’s the Waves. All spiffy in all white, too.
What the Beck 6/5/15 One song out of two sets of Beck homage.
Burned 6/4/15 Here’s Burned – resurrected for a day in 2013, some 44 years after their classic psych single.
Kickstart Rumble & Old School B Boys 6/3/15 This is pretty cool – practice video of Kickstart Rumble w Old School B Boys.
Jessie Galante & Billy McEwen 6/2/15 We wrap up our three-day run of Richie-Palooza videos with a Jessie Galante-Billy McEwen duet on a song from Richie’s upcoming “Carpe Diem” album. This may be its online debut (and Richie gave the OK to post it). BTW, these were one-camera rough videos of a few of the sons from Saturday. The guys at the Sportsmen’s were shooting with pro gear and recording it, so look forward to hearing the more cleanly recorded versions somewhere down the road.
McEwen Billy 6/1/15 Billy McEwen & crew at Richie-Palooza. They take on Van Morrison.
Baker Gary 5/31/15 One of the highlights of Richie-Palooza yesterday was Gary Baker doing “I Swear” with a cast of all-stars.
Lady Lush & the Vinyls 5/30/15 Here’s a stripped down version of Lady Lush & the Vinyls on The Starve.
Ahavaraba 5/29/15 If it’s klezmer and it’s Buffalo, it’s probably Ahavaraba!
Dotson Moon 5/28/15 An art-rock band deserves an art-rock video. Here’s Dotsun Moon.
Kill the Clock 5/27/15 Here’s a new MTV-style vid from Kill the Clock. A little artsy B&W going on.
Tiny Rhymes 5/26/15 Here’s Tiny Rhymes solo, aka Sharon, at a house concert Sunday. Listen for the birds!
Old School B Boys 5/25/15 Here are some sounds of summer, the Old School B Boys from last year’s Juneteenth Festival.
Armcannon 5/24/15 We’re going back to 2011 for this one, some high energy from Armcannon. They’re at Mohawk on 6/6.
Campbell & Phaction Chuckie 5/23/15 Here’s some brand new Chuckie Campbell, with Phaction. Love when live hip hop has horns & real drummer!
REV 5/22/15 Here’s one from a few years back from REV. … Scrapyard rock!
Gamalon 5/21/15 Here’s some later-era Gamalon. Live at CPG.
Meet the Bacons 5/20/15 Here’s the last of our Porchfest series, with Meet the Bacons. It should give you a sense of the day, with some of the scene surrounding the duo’s show.
Squier Chris 5/19/15 Here’s our next to last Porchfest song, Chris Squier & Friends, “When Heroes Hide.”
Coral Collapse 5/18/15 We’re back on the Porchfest trail today with Coral Collapse.
Aurigema Maria 5/17/15 The Maria Aurigema Band had its CD release show at Mohawk Place last Friday.
Cory James Gallagher, Catherine Miller, Charles Anderson 5/16/15 The recent Spring Healing event featured this version of the Beatles’ “Blackbird.”
Miller David Michael 5/15/15 More Porchfest highlights next week. Meanwhile, here’s a cool new one from David Michael Miler.
Tilapia 5/14/15 We continue our Porchfest roll with Tilapia and a bit of surf rock goofiness, “Fish Can’t Swim.”
Radarada 5/13/15 Here’s some hip-hop/funk with live band via Radarada, as Porchfest redux goes on.
Science Lion 5/12/15 Here another Porchfest song … It’s Science Lion on the front steps of Lafayette Ave. Presbyterian Church. Presbyters rock!
Gravy 5/11/15 Here’s the first of several Porchfest videos, featuring the jazz/funk groove of Gravy. … the goal was to walk from porch to porch (after I arrived around 2:30) and shoot one complete song at each. … I caught about 10 acts, so there are a bunch more to come.
Poindexter 5/10/15 It’s almost Larkin season … just over a month to go. Here’s Poindexter there from a couple of years ago. A short burst of Sunday morning energy!
Haiku 5/9/15 Here are some Buffalo prog all-stars in Haiku!
BBC Band 5/8/15 Time for the BBC Band to get back at it again. … and tomorrow night they’ll do it again at the Tralf, doing the complete “Abbey Road” in their first of two sets.
McEwen & Soul Invaders Billy 5/7/15 Billy McEwen does it like Pickett a couple of months ago at the Sportsmen’s Tavern!
A&L 5/6/15 The A in A&L is Anthony Casuccio, guitarist, producer, prof … and prez of BMHOF. Here’s their new vid.
BoBo 5/5/15 This is one of a bunch of BoBo songs posted from last Friday’s show @ the Mohawk.
Evident Truth 5/4/15 Here’s a really nicely shot video from Evident Truth with their song, “House of Pain.”
Stay Lows 5/3/15 Here are the Stay Lows from the times of Record Store Days past.
Case Peter 5/2/15 Here’s Peter Case w a wake-up call for a Saturday morning. You can’t catch him!
Folkface 5/1/15 The people at Starve have been doing some fun stuff. Here they host Folkfaces.
Essential Vitamins Crew 4/30/15 Here’s some hip hop from four years back from the Essential Vitamins Crew.
Fredonia State Bassoon Ensemble 4/29/15 We’re getting this one up late. Let’s go with a silly but fun version of a silly song.
Buckley Lara 4/28/15 Here’s Lara Buckley on a dimly lit Mohawk Place stage.
Edwards Patricia 4/27/15 Here’s some modern gospel from Patricia Edwards.
Handsome Jack 4/26/15 Handsome Jack at the Iron Works.
Peterson Lucky 4/25/15 It’s a blues Saturday with Lucky Peterson! This one’s from last year.
Radarada 4/24/15 Here’s some live hip hop with real instruments from Radarada.
Rnadle & the Late Nite Scandals 4/23/15 Here’s a new one from Randle & the Late Nite Scandals.
The Lady or the Tiger 4/22/15 The Lady, or the Tiger performs in East Aurora.
Sullivan Terry 4/21/15 Going back to the NickelCityDave well for this Terry Sullivan video from 2003.
Paxton Del 4/20/15 Some Record Store Day video is coming in. Here’s Del Paxton.
Jordan Al 4/19/15 Hip hop from AJ Jordan last year on Bflo Nite Out.
Barroom Buzzards 4/18/15 It’s a sunny kind of day … how ‘bout some Barroom Buzzards?
Wu Daisy 4/17/15 Celebrating Ives at the Burchfield.
Nullstadt 4/16/15 Here’s an extended workout from Nullstadt. Cool guests helping out, too.
Lazyrus 4/15/15 Some Bflo hop hop from Lazyrus, a little NSFW.
Rowe Kev 4/14/15 Can Great Blue Heron be just three months away? Here’s Kev Rowe with a recent song about it.
Ostrowski Dave 4/13/15 Here’s one from Davey O. One from the road warrior. It’s an experiment for us, since it’s a FB video. Let’s see how the link works …
Sleepy HaHas 4/12/15 Sleepy Hahas, on stage at the Mohawk last month.
Hayden Fogle & Willie May 4/11/15 Hayden Fogle with Willia May @ the Buffalo Dinosaur. Pretty dark, but the playing is good.
Skinbound 4/10/15 Getting loud again today with Skinbound, playing in Detroit last year.
Low Road Revival 4/9/15 Here’s Low Road Revival with the song of the same name.
Klear 4/8/15 Here’s Klear Makin’ Noise during last Saturday’s CD release show.
Lip Service 4/7/15 Here’s a original – a reunion show of Lip Service, one of the area’s original punk bands. … This song made it onto Dr. Demento back in the day.
James Jony 4/6/15 Bonus Video: One for this particular day. Or should we say this peculiar day.
Dyngus Day All-Star Band 4/6/15 Jony James does some scorching guitar at the Iron Works, w David Loss sitting in.
Vieux Jason 4/5/15 Jason Vieux, recent Grammy winner, hails from Depew. Here he takes on Duke Ellington.
Pinheads 4/4/15 We finish off the NickelCityDave series w classic craziness from Pinheads, Bflo’s refried Stooges. … We’ll undoubtedly come back to Dave’s videos, though, because he’s got unbelievably cool stuff he’s uploading!
Lazlo Hollyfield 4/3/15 More NickelCityDave vintage vid, this time of Lazlo Hollyfeld.
Norris Mark 4/2/15 Girlpope, as Mark Norris channels Ray Davies.
Jacklords 4/1/15 Can’t tell you how excited as a fan (EP writing here) I am to see this 1989 the JackLords video. Over the next week, we’re going to feature videos from the treasure trove Nickel City Dave Lesinski has been uploading recently. It’s a wow moment … Thanks for posting them, Dave!
Electroman 3/31/15 Nickel City Dave is putting up a ton of MIA 2003 vids. Here’s a cool Electroman one!
Bella Donna 3/30/15 Here’s some indie-core from 3 years back, by The Bella Donna. Combines pop punk w cookie monster.
Rodan 3/30/15 Bonus audio: Thanks to Ed Edtech for link to this audio of Rodan @ McVan’s! Audio posted by JamGardenStudio.
Wolfling aka Erica Chairica Erica 3/29/15 One by some of our faves: song from our friend Erica Chairica w Brown Sugar, video by StrawberryIsland Dweller.
Aqueous 3/28/15 it’s a late one. From Aqueous.
Bipolaroids 3/27/15 You can’t go wrong with a lineup like they’ve got in the Bipolaroids. Or maybe just wrong in a good way.
Tommy cast 3/26/15 The MusicalFare cast of Tommy at the Arties last year, hamming it up a bit.
Death Picnic 3/25/15 Buffalo hip-hop from Death Picnic. As usual with hip-hop, some NSFW language.
Doombuggy 3/24/15 Bonus audio: Live Doombuggy from Nietzsche’s, 2002.
Doombuggy 3/24/15 Late-era Doombuggy! An MIA video.
Critts Jukejoint & Kim Manning 3/23/15 Yes, it’s a long jam, but Critt’s Jukejoint is tearing the mother down w Kim Manning!
Harper Joe Dan 3/22/15 Joe Dan Harper teaches at SUNY Fredonia. Here he is on stage at Eastman, w Anne Kissel on piano.
Whiskey Reverb 3/21/15 Whiskey Reverb is down in SXSW. Here’s sendoff video, a retrospective on what’s gotten them there.
Ruda’s Records 3/20/15 Bonus audio: Here’s a vintage Ruda’s commercial, courtesy of Forgotten Buffalo.
Toliver Dale 3/20/15 Here’s some Friday blues with Dale Toliver, from a few years back.
Martin Pappy 3/19/15 RIP Pappy Martin. … Sad news in The News today. Obit is at
Dusel & Lonestar Sailing Charles 3/18/15 Here’s a piece of sweet melancholy from the basement studio of Charles Dusel/Lonestar Sailing. With Wind in the Willows text in the background!
McCarthyizm 3/17/15 It’s St. Patrick’s Day? Time for some McCarthyizm. Although that’s true most other days, as well!
Queen City Riot 3/16/15 Queen City Riot goes semi-unplugged on this one.
Galante Rossano 3/15/15 Rossano Galante – yes, that’s singer Jessie’s brother – has had his compositions performed around the world. Here is the Taipai Wind Orchestra.
Doktor Mikel 3/14/15 Mikel Doktor plays some true garage rock — doing the Delilahsong thing across from the Mohawk.
Funktional Flow & Aqueous 3/13/15 The power of three – Funktional Flow, Aqueous, and Pink Floyd – combined. As Commissioner Gordon once said, “A thought strikes me… So dreadful I scarcely dare give it utterance.” From Near Year’s Eve.
Lazlo Hollyfield 3/12/15 Some new Lazlo Hollyfield … from 12 years ago! Video by Nickel City Dave at MIA for Artvoice.
Riveters 3/11/15 Fredonia’s Riveters go on the road to Geneseo. So where’s Rosie? 😉
Made Violent 3/10/15 These guys have new EP out They’re also going to SXSW. Here’s their trademark song.
Ralston James 3/9/15 James Ralston (former Flash/Tina Turner) also restores guitars. And he makes them sound so good in the videos he puts on YT!
Foss Lukas 3/8/15 Bonus audio: Here is Foss conducting the BPO in the 1960s with a piece by a then-young Polish composer. What we could find showed the recording was actually done in 1968, released in 1969.
Foss Lukas 3/8/15 Here’s a Lukas Foss composition from long before he got to the BPO. Wish the vid said who performers were!
Rear View Ramblers 3/7/15 The Rear View Ramblers feature Andrew Reimers and Katie Panfil of AR’s CPX. Here they are at Nietzsche’s. What a classic song title!
Falzone & David Lee Sam 3/6/15 Here’s a piece of Buffalo ’75, with Sam Falzone supplying the sax! David Lee.
Reinhardt Ted 3/5/15 We did a couple of Ted Reinhardt videos yesterday. He definitely deserves a Video of Day. Here’s some solo music from his own youtube page. RIP.
Carver George 3/4/15 Bonus video: Here’s some George Carver audio feat. Stan Szelest. George has put some of his out of print LP onYT.
Goldman Howard 3/4/15 We don’t get much lounge music here, but here’s Howard Goldman, courtesy of Lounge Academy.
Enemies 3/3/15 Bonus audio: Raw, live Enemies from McVan’s! What a great find!
Planet Three 3/3/15 Space-age power pop from the depths of Marilla. It’s Planet Three, with a neat video from Lesionread.
Harper Dan 3/2/15 Dan Harper does Muddy! Love the slide guitar. Another great video by Paul P.
Maniacs 3/1/15 The Maniacs channel some Dead (as always) with “New Minglewood Blues.” Nice video by Marc.
DeRosa Vinnie 2/28/15 Here’s Vinnie DeRosa’s most recent video. He also does a lot w Musician Medics, a really cool program from the Buffalo Music Hall of Fame. You can check that out here:
Devil in Love 2/27/15 Forest Lawn is a great place to make videos. Here’s The Devil in Love from a few years back.
Smackdab 2/26/15 Here’s some Jamestown funk from Smackdab last fall.
Solidisco 2/25/15 The Solidisco guys return home for a show at Waiting Room tomorrow night. Here they are at work a couple of years back.
Brown Sugar & Sonder 2/24/15 Two Brown Sugar members join Sonder on stage at the Iron Works.
Evan Laedke & Willie May 2/23/15 Evan Laedke is featured in this Willie May Band video.
Tilson-Thomas Michael 2/22/15 Michael Tilson-Thomas was part of the BPO’s run of legendary leaders. Here he is in SF.
Satellite Nation 2/21/15 Some Saturday morning punk rock from Satellite Nation …
Kane & Them Jazz Beards David 2/20/15 David Kane’s Them Jazzbeards. Kashmir. Nuff said.
Steel Keys & Brass with Ali Critelli 2/19/15 Steel Keys & Brass w Ali Critelli get soulful!
Traditional 2/18/15 Here’s the Traditional in a recent show at the Waiting Room.
Zydeco LeeRon 2/17/15 Here’s some Mardi Gras Leeron Zydeco — from a more pleasant time of the year.
Boy Scouts 2/16/15 Avant feminist punk at the Mohawk from the Boy Scouts.
Black Rock Zydeco 2/15/15 Mardi Gras is almost here … here’s Black Rock Zydeco with a zydeco classic. Viva la Clifton!
Jony James & Dave Constantino 2/14/15 Robert Paxon had Dave Constantino’s first band as 45 Friday (see the next post down); here’s Constantino this past week! With Jony James.
Ismail & Company 2/13/15 Ismail & Company bring a whole lot of things together on this one.
Gruvology 2/12/15 Here’s a relatively new one from Gruvology … two tunes, in fact.
Union 2/11/15 Haven’t done much vintage lately, but here’s some. Union, from 1995. It’s a full set of hardcore, but the first song or two give you a sense of it.
Makaras Pen 2/10/15 Self-described shoe-gaze pop from Makaras Pen, out of Lockport.
Ann Katie 2/9/15 Katie Ann’s video captures smoe of the feel of a harsh WNY winter. Song available soon on itunes.
Made Violent 2/8/15 Look for these guys in Austin in March! Made Violent.
Brown Mike 2/7/15 And Mike Brown! Filmed out in Geneseo.
Peter Jacob 2/7/15 Video of Day: Same true with Jacob Peter.
Folkface 2/7/15 Video of Day: And Folk Faces. I couldn’t find their TD video, but they’re on the Mohawk bill.
Hangman’s Beautiful Daughter 2/7/15 Video of Day: And here’s The Hangman’s Beautiful Daughter.
Stahl Tom 2/7/15 Here’s start of our Tiny Desk blowout finale, where we feature rest of TD Bflo vids we’ve found. Tom Stahl! … btw, never spotted the desk!
Kothen Andrew 2/6/15 Here’s Andrew Kothen and his desk, live and in concert.
Applennium 2/5/15 The desk is part of the instrumentation in today’s Tiny Desk video by Applennium.
Parade Chic 2/4/15 Can we do a whole week of Tiny Desk? Why not? Here’s Parade Chic.
Hussalonia 2/3/15 More Tiny Desk! This time Hussalonia.
Tiny Rhymes 2/2/15 We’re getting into the Tiny Desk Concert thing. Yesterday the Observers. Today Tiny Rhymes.
Observers 2/1/15 The Tiny Desk contest is generating a lot of videos! Here is the Observers’.
Unity Band 1/31/15 Some hot funk for a cold day with the Unity Band doing the standard, “What Is Hip” at the Tralf. The video focuses mostly on the horn section, but they cook!
Real Wigs 1/30/15 Here’s the start of a set from the Real Wigs, back at the Continental.
Lost Like Lions 1/29/15 Lost Like Lions gets raucous at the Mohawk — where we’ve had a lot of posts coming from lately!
Steam Donkeys 1/28/15 Instead of thinking about the cold outside, imagine a June night on Mohawk Street … and the The Steam Donkeys – founding fathers of Americanarama – doing their traditional set finale.
Hand Carly 1/27/15 Here’s Carly Hand, winner of BMHOF’s Denton-Cottier-Daniels scholarship awhile back. This is one of her original songs. You can read more about her on the HOF page,
Aqueous 1/26/15 Here’s a new Aqueous live one, nicely shot/edited by Long jam!
1916 1/25/15 Here’s a band that’s a little Lockport, a little Rochester and some Ireland punk too. It’s 1916.
Outlyers 1/24/15 Continuing the current theme, here’s some classic Outlyers roughcut from 2003.
Taylor & the BPO Van 1/23/15 Van Taylor and the BPO – how’s that for a twofer.
Warden Pete 1/22/15 Here’s another Americanarama video. Pete Worden!
Third Realm 1/21/15 Third Realm has been getting a ton of views on this one, over 10,000 in the past month! Goth/industrial, but it’s got a cool glam kind of sound to these ears.
Wolf 1/21/15 Bonus audio: Wolf — in her various incarnations — has been a friend/collaborator of almost from the start. She (with her band) have a cool new single. Check it out!
Carpenter & the Real McCoys Scott 1/20/15 Scott Carpenter & the Real McCoys at Americanarama 2003. First of a few we hope to post from that event. … I had just gotten camera, was learning to shoot. (EP) This was the last Buffalo show for the band, and its next-to-last show ever.
Buscaglia CJ 1/19/15 CJ Buscaglia, who we just lost, was a key member of Green Jello during its early prime. Here’s one from the 333 album in ’94.
Mason Joey 1/18/15 Joey Mason calls it “Space Soul,” and Lesionread does some of the more inventive videos in Bflo.
Surfin’ Cadavers 1/17/15 Saturday morning surf punk! And a great name as well.
Nemesis Poe 1/16/15 Lockport rapper Nemesis Poe takes it on the road.
Worse Than Yesterday 1/15/15 Self-described teen pop punk from Worse Than Yesterday.
Micky 1/14/15 Wrapping up the Fred series, here’s MICKY.
Squier Chris 1/13/15 It’s solo acoustic day. Here’s Chris Squier at the Tralf last fall.
NOD 1/12/15 Here’s one more Fredonia-related vid, NOD. They’re from Rochester now, but have roots in the Fred. From the Mohawk place show.
Foster Ronnie 1/11/15 BMHOFer Ronnie Foster is a monster on the B3!
Diamond Lance 1/10/15 New Lance Diamond song, unveiled at the Tribute show. Part of the album he was working on before his death. Vocals were done, and the album will be finished, but this one was finished in time for Friday’s event.
Random Abstract 1/9/15 In case you hadn’t notice, we’ve been featuring the Fredonia night at the Mohawk videos. Here’s Random Abstract doing one of their songs from the ’90s.
Conrad Tony 1/8/15 Tony Conrad sometimes flies under the radar locally, but he’s an international avant garde legend.
Custode Christina 1/7/15 Here’s Christina Custode with her current video. How many of the locations can you identify?
Eric Van Rysdam & Pete Buckley 1/6/15 Eric Van Rysdam and Pete Buckley do Teenage Fanclub in Mohawk Fredonia show.
Lance Diamond & Kaitlin Koch 1/5/15 Most of you have no doubt already heard of Lance Diamond’s passing. RIP. We’ve featured him before, but here’s one we hadn’t done before … w Caitlin Koch last fall at Larkinville. And, of course, he pulls out a rose for her.
Distillery Boys 1/4/15 Our first WNY.FM original video of the year with the Distillery Boys. What do you think of the Mohawk smoke machine?
Hudson Mike 1/3/15 Hudson started the Pagans in Cleveland back in the ’70s. He’s seen highs and lows as a journalist in Niagara Falls over the past couple of decades. But he’s still punk.
Steam Donkeys 1/2/15 This is one of the first songs the Donkeys recorded back in the early ’90s. Done last Friday with Charlie Quill back in the fold for a night.
King Savannah 1/1/15 Let’s start out 2015 by looking forward w one of WNY’s brightest young performers, Savannah King.
Diamond Lance 12/31/14 Some get well wishes for Lance Diamond, who had to cancel his show tonight. Here’s the link on that:
Brimstone Blondes 12/30/14 Here’s Brimstone Blondes fromlast week, up real close.
Mick & the Reinhardts 12/29/14 From a few years back, here’s Mick Hayes (not Willie) with the Reinhardts.
Campbell Chuckie 12/28/14 Chuckie Campbell’s from KY, but lives in BFLO. Here’s bit of live vibe from KY. Too bad it cuts off
Thomasula Ken 12/27/14 Here’s Kenny Thomasula getting soulful @ Iris.
Aaron & the Burrs 12/26/14 Here are new surf kings Aaron & the Burrs, live in NYC.
Christmas Tubas 12/26/14 Bonus Video2: Here’s a final Christmas vid, featuring … TUBAS!
Elizabeth Sara 12/25/14 Merry Christmas! Here’s a Sara Elizabeth original that’s perfect for today.
Little Apple Big Band 12/25/14 Bonus Video: Another Christmas video, this one from the stages of Fredonia.
Jazzabels 12/24/14 Here’s another Nickel City Scene vid from WNY.FM faves the Jazzabels.
Schwannoma 12/23/14 Here’s one of series of vids from Ch.17 show ’98ish, w Schwannoma. Good stuff starts around 1:20
Alessandra Alfie 12/22/14 Lots of people do Christmas songs, not many write originals. Here’s one (in second part of video).
Sonic Garden 12/21/14 Sonic Garden does its version of “Mexicali Blues.”
St. Paul’s Cathedral Choir 12/21/14 It’s that time of the year …
Mixtapes 12/19/14 The Mixtapes, live at the Gypsy Parlor.
Soul Butchers 12/18/14 Some bonehead boogie from Soul Butchers on Greg Sterlace’s public access show.
Delano Steele 12/17/14 Delano Steele is a young band that will be on the bill at the Forvm tomorrow night (Thursday).
Eberwine Todd 12/16/14 Here’s Todd Eberwine Band from 5 years back. This is a send-off as he steps back from playing out.
Bad Decisions 12/15/14 As the tag says, it’s Laurie Anderson meets Nancy Sinatra …at a wedding celebration.
Low Road Revival 12/15/14 Here’s some metal from Low Road Revival.
Glass Hearts 12/13/14 Here’s Glass Hearts with an original at the Forvm.
Pentimento 12/12/14 Pentimento has been on endless tour lately. Here they are in Gainesville. They’ll be @ WR Dec. 28.
Kulberg Andy 12/11/14 Buffalo Music Hall of Famer Andy Kulberg is the flute guy on this Blues Project piece of the ’60s.
All-Star Band 12/10/14 They’re called the All-Star Band, and they certainly are. Check out the lineup!
Intellect 12/9/14 great sound,great song on Intellect’s new vid. Possibly NSFW for minor profanity.
Failure’s Union 12/8/14 Failures’ Union w song that has cameos by Spiral Scratch and Buffalo’s most polluted body of water.
Wojcik Bruce 12/7/14 Bruce Wojcik & the Struggle, “When the Smoke Clears,” this past week at the Tralf.
Kings & Kingdoms 12/6/14 Call it post-hardcore metalcore. From Kings & Kingdoms.
Beautiful Remedy 12/5/14 Here’s Beautiful Remedy’s new one, shot at Iron Works, produced by Paul Panzarella.
Distillery Boys 12/4/14 Here’s a little piece of Americana from the Distillery Boys.
Dredneks 12/3/14 Here’s some redneck rock from the Southern Tier’s Dredneks, on tour down south.
Mad Dukez & Fresh Kils 12/2/14 Here’s some hip-hop from earlier this fall from Mad Dukez and Fresh Kils.
Wooden Wave 12/1/14 We’ve had classic indie past 2 days. Here’s current from Wooden Wave. Can you name the location?
K Kevin 11/30/14 Also on the bill 11/26, Kevin K. Here’s a piece of classic pure power pop!
Tension 11/29/14 And here’s part 2 – Tension with its own “Penny Ante.”
Tension 11/29/14 It’s a 2-part Tension Day. Here’s their take on Stooges classic.
Industry of Life Divine 11/28/14 Show at WR with Industry of LIfe Divine got me looking. Found this show with Freeland. Their first?
Moriarty Kathy 11/28/14 Today we’ve got Kathy Moriarty and some all-stars doing a Bob Farmer song.
Hympic Jerks 11/26/14 It’s the Hypnic Jerks at the Forvm back in August.
Skypilot 11/25/14 Here are jamsters Skypilot with one of their originals, Biology of the Brain. Nietzsche’s 10/25/14.
V Denny 11/24/14 Some hip hop from earlier this year from Denny V.
Posey Sandy 11/23/14 Sandy Posey has been a regular in Orleans/Niagara area over years. Here’s 1 of her biggest hits.
Bostwick 11/22/14 Bostwick. Some rock? Some pop? A little goth? A little metal?
Dollar Diplomacy 11/22/14 Here’s original vid,Dollar Diplomacy w cool bluesy, indie rock on Local Lo-Down in Fredonia.
Nazalaki 11/20/14 Not sure of story here. It’s in Bflo. Video uploaded by guy apparently living in Bflo. Cool sound.
Snowvember 11/19/14 Not WNY music, but gets the feeling right. Just add 4 more feet of snow.
McCarthyizm 11/18/14 McCarthyizm with a Steve Earle song. It’s a Jeff Schaller video, so it’s the drummer’s view
Trinca Paul 11/18/14 Here’s Paul Trinca with his video from earlier this year.
Workingman’s Dead 11/17/14 Workingman’s Dead with a Jimmy Cliff classic.
Stumberg Grace 11/15/14 Here’s an early Grace Stumberg performance of a standard, “Angel From Montgomery.”
Szelest Stan 11/14/14 OK, this one is a little out there. Northern Pikes. Stan Szelest. Stan’s birthday, 19 minutes in.
Chester Copperpot 11/13/14 Chester Copperpot’s most recent video …
A&L 11/12/14 Bflo record producer Anthony Casuccio is half of A&L.This recording has been getting some attention
Jamesq Vernon 11/11/14 NF’s Vernon James. There are other vids of him (including at Apollo), but this one is just cool.
Freeland Mark 11/10/14 We haven’t had any Freeland in awhile. It’s about time!
Chunkpipe 11/9/14 Here’s another reunion show – Chunkpipe? @ the Forvm.
Clockers 11/8/14 The Clockers will be reuniting for Wolf Tickets CD release show tonight at Waiting Room.
Naturalists 11/7/14 New one from the Naturalists. BTW, EP release show at Mohawk tomorrow night (Saturday).
Big Leg Emma 11/6/14 Big Leg Emma with a song for a cold, rainy morning. “California.”
Kertzie & Cissoko 11/5/14 Somehow this seems appropriate this morning.
Tins 11/5/14 Here are the Tins with a song with a message.
Hughes Lanise 11/4/14 running behind schedule today! … here’s Dave Schulz w Lanise Hughes in Rick James tribute.
Skypilot 11/2/14 Here’s Skypilot at Nietzsche’s last week, w an original served with Cream.
Wooden Cities 11/1/14 Here’s a piece of avant classical from Wooden Cities, doing a world premiere a couple of weeks ago.
James Jony 10/31/14 Jony James Band and Dive House Union combine their forces at Larkinville, from last summer.
Case Peter 10/30/14 Peter Case & crew at Larkin, during those warmer days of September.
Nesbitt Robb 10/30/14 Robb Nesbitt’s light-hearted piece of Appalachian woe.
Revell Lenny 10/28/14 Here’s Lenny Revell, with some help from Lauren Dragon, from a couple of years back.
Tyrades 10/27/14 Only punk band in Chicago? Hey, Tyrades came from Buffalo!
Kryszak Al 10/26/14 Here’s a quieter piece than we’ve been doing, one by Al Kryszak.
Cowboys of Scotland 10/25/14 Cowboys of Scotland doing Freeland song last April. Vive le Continental! Another debut …
Wolf 10/24/14 Here’s another debut video … Wolf at SUNY Fredonia’s Local Lo-Down.
BoBo 10/23/14 BoBo! Here’s one song live from the Town Ballroom show.
Wolf Tickets 10/22/14 Here’s Wolf Tickets with a great song, live at the Town Ballroom last Saturday.
Johnny Revolting 10/21/14 Today marks two full years of VOD – 730 WNY vids. Here’s full song in 1 min from Johnny Revolting.
Viterna Dave 10/20/14 Here’s Dave Viterna Group showing one way to do a surf/Link-style guitar workout!
Barry 10/19/14 Reaching out to the far eastern edges of WNY, it’s Allegany County’s Barry, a band of brothers.
Big Leg Emma 10/18/14 Next year gotta get to GBH. Here’s the opening to Big Leg Emma’s set.
Kreuzer Josie 10/17/14 Josie Kreuzer grew up in WNY, but has made her name elsewhere. Here’s one of hers from awhile back.
Zogaria Mike 10/16/14 Here’s some rootsy singer-songwriter music from Mike Zogaria.
Whelan Ben 10/15/14 Here’s jam conflagration Ben Whelan Your Mom and the Reach Arounds.
Campbell Chuckie 10/14/14 Here’s the new one from Chuckie. Pro vid, too!
Lambert Ted 10/13/14 The WNY music world is saying goodbye to Ted Lambert today.
Robinson Ella 10/12/14 Here’s some gospel from Buffalo Music HOFer Ella Robinson & the New Beginning Choral Ensemble .
Little Mountain Band 10/11/14 Time to jam out on a slow Saturday morning. Little Mountain Band.
Here It Dies Today 10/10/14 Here’s It Dies Today with a trad MTV-style video from a few years back.
Townes Leroy 10/9/14 Here’s Leroy Townes & crew at the recent Sportsmen’s Americana festival in Riverside.
Small Smalls 10/8/14 Small Smalls with some indie rock at the Mohawk.
Energy Band 10/7/14 Here’s some classic soul from a Pine Grill Reunion a few years back.
Eddy Carl 10/6/14 Here’s Carl and Emma Eddy w help from Ted Lambert. There’s a benefit for Ted coming up Sunday. Go.
Head North 10/5/14 We haven’t done Head North in awhile. Here’s a vid from a recent FORVM show.
Grupo Variedad 10/4/14 The Latin American sounds of Grupo Variedad.
SplatCats 10/4/14 The SplatCats’ “Sin 73” was a classic … released in 1986.
Shoo Bops 10/3/14 Vintage … Dillon, Schoellkopf, Carlson do vocal harmonies as the Shoo Bops in 1985.
moe 10/2/14 Bflo Music Hall of Fame indux tonight. Here’s moe. from induction gala in 2009.
Bellanca Dave 10/1/14 Today just audio. Dave Bellanca, RIP, recorded this with Lucky Peterson back in ’82.
Alien Registration 9/30/14 Alien Registration was a David Kane aggregation.
Enemies 9/30/14 Bonus video: Give the drummer some … Roger Nicol highlighted on this instro from Mohawk.
Fava Ralph 9/29/14 Some classic guitar from Ralph Fava, with great accompanists Militello, Fadale, Marino.
Enemies 9/28/14 Here’s one from Friday night’s Mohawk show, Pauline w the Enemies.
Dynamic Intonation 9/26/14 Fredonia is a hotbed for a cappella groups. This is the jazz one … Dynamic Intonation.
Handsome Jack 9/25/14 This one is pretty new from Handsome Jack.
Armegeddon Party 9/24/14 Some electro something or other from Armageddon Party. Whatever it is, it’s a cool sound.
Fibs 9/23/14 “Party in the Parkin’ Lot” is a Buffalo classic! The Fibs’ “Pisces in Crises” disk is new to the data base.
James Rick 9/23/14 Rick James at his hottest w some funky stuff from 1980. So who all was in Stone City band then?
Pine Dogs 9/22/14 DB add: Can it really be 25 years since the Pine Dogs released this cassette?
Steam Donkeys 9/22/14 Love this crazy, cacophonous jam on “Gimme Shelter” from the past summer. Wish I’d been there!
Klyma Greg 9/21/14 DB Add: New to the data base: Greg Klyma’s most recent album, “Another Man’s Treasure.”
Wacko Fest 9/21/14 Here’s a young band called Wacko Fest.
It Dies today 9/20/14 It Dies Today is … well, today. At Waiting Room.
Smackdab 9/19/14 Smackdab brings its brand of funky stuff from Jamestown.
Cowboys of Scotland 9/18/14 Cowboys of Scottland channel their inner Freeland at MIA.
Stumberg Grace 9/18/14 DB add: Grace Stumberg Band, with a live set from last year, on CD.
Black Rock Zyceco 9/17/14 DB add: Black Rock Zydeco … one of the best WNY CDs of 2014.
Black Rock Zydeco 9/17/14 Black Rock Zydeco … this song leads off their new album.
Tell Tale Signs 9/16/14 DB Add: It’s the Tell Tale Signs with a garage rock vinyl LP from a couple of years back.
Ten Cent Howl 9/16/14 Ten Cent Howl offers a country weeper. It’s also added to DB w several other of their songs.
Banaszak Phil 9/15/14 DB Add: Today we’ve got Phil Banaszak’s City Fiddle.
Good 9/15/14 Here’s some wigged-out garage rock from the Good.
Albrights 9/14/14 A look at the new Mohawk, with the Albrights. Can’t wait to get up there.
Campagna Michael 9/14/14 data base addition: Michael Campagna & the Average Johnsons’ ‘U By U by U” CD from 1999.
Jackson Michael Lee 9/13/14 Michael Lee Jackson singing one of his songs while on tour with Ian Gillan in 2007.
Razzels 9/13/14 ew disk for the data base: The first album from the Razzels. Produced by Robby Takac. Recorded at Trackmaster. 1984.
Razzels 9/12/14 It was 20 years ago today …or some day in 1994 …that the Razzels release this one.
Cousin Al & the Relatives 9/11/14 We don’t want to see summer go. Venturing to east side of WNY (Roch.) for this low-fi surfiness.
New York’s Finest 9/11/14 This is a little late, but here’s some archival funky stuff.
Doppelgangers 9/9/14 OK, all you see is the drummer. But it’s a great rekkid.
Aaron & the Burrs 9/8/14 just a short bit of surf from Aaron & the Burrs. Not a full song, but sounds good, and nicely shot.
Canal Street String Band 9/7/14 Getting real old-timey with the Canal Street String Band.
Hoagy & the Blues Bombers 9/6/14 Some Bflo blues from Hoagy & the Bluesbombers.
Argyle Street Band 9/5/14 A modern version of the Argyle St. Band at Larkin.
Fera Bob 9/4/14 Here’s one from a few years back by the Bob Fera Band.
Amungus 9/3/14 Some electro soul from a years back w Amungus, feat. Alex Kelly.
Rain 9/2/14 Here’s some vintage vid of the Rain, “Rumble Down,” done for Ch. 2’s Kids Escaping Drugs show.
Brimstone Blonde 9/1/14 Brimstone Blondes live … shades of Gang of Four?
Lougen Grace 8/31/14 Here’s the start of the story, from Grace Lougen and the Grace Blues Project.
K Kevin 8/30/14 Kevin K (former Toys/New Toys) on German TV circa 2000.
Sleepy Hahas 8/29/14 The Sleepy Hahas are one of the most fun, inventive bands in Bflo right now. Here’s their new vid.
Ten Cent Howl 8/28/14 Here’s a great new roots song from Ten Cent Howl.
Kallay Diane 8/27/14 We’re done with HOF vids for the moment; instead, let’s get soulful with Diane Kallay.
Baudo Joe 8/26/14 Here’s another new HOFer, Joe Baudo, in a tribute to him a few weeks back.
Denton Cottier & Daniels 8/25/14 Denton, Cottier & Daniels is a piano store … It’s also going into HOF. Here’s show at the shop.
Calderone Tom 8/24/14 Another ’14 HOF inductee: Tom Calderone talks about one of his favorite rock moments in WNY.
Musial David 8/23/14 New HOFer David Musial is usually behind scenes, producing. But he also does music in the church.
Peters Marty 8/22/14 Another new HOFer … Marty Peters does the slide here with Brian Wheat.
Kody Nick 8/21/14 It’s travel day, so taking a break from HOF posts. Here’s Nick Kody at the Sportsmen’s.
Tails 8/20/14 The Tails do John Lennon, w new HOF inductee Jeff Miers on guitar.
Parisi Joe 8/19/14 There’s whole bunch of HOFers here. New ones Joe Parisi, Bob Meier solo between 2-3 minute marks.
McManus Geno 8/18/14 Here’s new HOF inductee Geno McManus in Tokyo with Keisuke Nakagawa.
Keller Gary 8/17/14 New HOF inductee Gary Keller in the Miami Sax Quartet. He’s on soprano on this one.
Curtiss Wade 8/16/14 45 Friday: This is a bit late. … It’s part of the story of Dixie Dee, Wade Curtiss & the Rhythm Rockers.
Dead Cowboys 8/16/14 Another HOF inductee – Joe Bompczyk. w/ the Dead Cowboys, his band with his wife Nancy on vocals.
Quinn Theresa 8/15/14 Another HOF video – this one from Theresa Quinn.
Prybylski Jack 8/14/14 For the next couple of weeks we’ll be doing mostly BMHOF new inductees. Here’s Jack Prybylski.
Beautiful Remedy 8/13/14 Seems there’s some Chestnut Ridge in this one from Beautiful Remedy.
Evans Alan 8/12/14 With these guys coming to Larkin tomorrow night, this seems appropriate.
Crawlspace 8/11/14 Here’s some vintage video. Crawlspace at the Continental.
Hokan & Friends of the Sun 8/10/14 Here’s some Hokan & Friends of the Sun, live at the Waiting Room.
Ragbirds 8/9/14 This one just feels like summer in Bflo.
Wolf 8/8/14 Here’s some singer-songwriter music from Wolf.
Winery Dogs 8/7/14 Billy Sheehan & Winery Dogs at Tralf back on 7/26.
Flash 8/6/14 Flash was a rarity. Local band, all original music. Surviving members play tonight at Tralf.
Steam Donkeys 8/5/14 We’ve got our own vid of the Steam Donkeys. This one is with Joe Kross back for the Mohawk tribute.
Herr Jon 8/4/14 Our last Infringement vid (for now). Jon Herr @ the soon to be missed College Street Gallery.
Folkfaces 8/3/14 Folkfaces in their native habitat — Allen Street. Video by Colin Dabkowski.
Copy Manager 8/2/14 The name of the performer is Copy Manager. At Rust Belt Books.
Bloodthirsty Vegans 8/1/14 Infringement regulars the Bloodthirsty Vegans. Shot by Dave Pape, another fest mainstay.
Larus Carl 8/1/14 45 Friday: The roots of “Funky Broadway” and Dyke & the Blazers are in this week’s post.
Schlarb Chris 7/31/14 Chris Schlarb’s guitar tones from Infringment. Video by Pam Swarts, who shoots lot of fest events.
Tiny Rhymes 7/29/14 Still Infringing. Here’s Tiny Rhymes at El Museo.
Fredtown Stompers 7/28/14 The College Street Party is always a part of Infringement. Here are the Fredtown Stompers.
Ahavaraba 7/27/14 Summer = Infringment. Here’s Ahavaraba doing it’s klezmer thing. Hope to have more infringe vids!
Naturalists 7/26/14 Here’s a new video from the Naturalists, sounds great, shot nicely, slightly puzzling.
Slender 7/26/14 Local. Loud. The band is Slender.
Lower Town Trio 7/24/14 Bflo Night Out has been taping some cool performers. Here’s Lower Town Trio.
Snapcase 7/23/14 Vintage Snapcase here, from 1999.
Girlpope 7/22/14 Here’s another WNY.FM video … Girlpope playing the finale at Pete/Mohawk tribute.
Kern Jamey 7/21/14 Here’s a new one from former Whiskey Reverb member Jamey Kern. Video by Crimson Pestilence.
Willie & the Reinhardts 7/20/14 Buffalo blues greats Willie and the Reinhardts take on “T For Texas” at the Mohawk/Pete tribute.
Ajamaja 7/19/14 Jam with Ajamaja, with some all-star friends, w a nod to videographer strawberryislanddweller.
Odiorne 7/18/14 Infringement Festival is upon us next week. Here’s Odiorne at the Mickiewicz.
Enemies 7/17/14 Here’s a original, the Enemies with “No Reason,” from the Continental reunion show on 4/26.
Cosmic Shakedown 7/16/14 It’s a little late in the day for VOD, but let’s get heavy with Cosmic Shakedown nonetheless!
Panfil Chris 7/16/14 Chris Panfil has been a long-time Creek Bend member. Here he is in an ’80s band in the south.
Healing Committee 7/14/14 The Healing Committee at the Ironworks a few months ago.
Big Leg Emma 7/13/14 Here’s another 2014 GBH video, capturing the spirit of the event with this Big Leg Emma jam.
Smackdab 7/12/14 Smackdab, doing Floyd, at Great Blue Heron last week.
McManus Geno 7/11/14 Music Medics is a really cool program w musicians going into hospitals. Here’s Geno McManus at W&C.
Corallo Ernie 7/10/14 For a change-up, here’s an Ernie Corallo song. Now I want to know who all is playing it?
Head North 7/9/14 Head North at Quiet Country Audio.
Nehill Bill 7/8/14 Here’s a WNY.FM original from Bill Nehill & Dave G at Pete Perrone/Mohawk tribute.
N3wT 7/7/14 EDM from N3wT at City of Night last year. Will have to search for some from this year next.
James Rick 7/6/14 We haven’t had any Rick James in awhile. Here he is at Farm Aid, 1986.
Porcelain Train 7/5/14 Porcelain Train does one of their early songs.
Girlpope 7/4/14 Last weekend’s Mohawk/Pete tribute show prompts us to post this one this one from Girlpope.
Strange Acres 7/3/14 Here’s Strange Acres’ atmospheric rock live at the Iron Works.
Inquiring Mind 7/2/14 Here’s Inquiring Mind (now morphed into Mink). Starts in retro B&W, then gets some funky color.
Eighth Nerve 7/1/14 Here’s Eighth Nerve. In this case, the Weather Report is more cool than hot.
Grizanti Frank 6/30/14 Here’s guitar great Frank Grizanti with his band, from a couple of years back.
Dark Marbles 6/29/14 Here’s the Bflo version of Dark Marbles – Bflo Marbles? Doing Lou Reed tribute show.
O Davey 6/28/14 Here’s Davey O. He’s doing a songwriting workshop today in E.Aurora at Chain Ring Rhythm.
Canalside 6/27/14 This isn’t music, but rather what the moe show at Canalside looked like via drone.
Wheezing Stumblers 6/26/14 Part Bflo, part NYC, all punk rock. The Wheezing Stumblers.
Winsick Mark 6/25/14 Here are three Bflo Music Hall of Famers in a short version of a Huey Smith song.
Spin Wires 6/24/14 This is the Spin Wires’ video, but the visual star is the City of Buffalo.
Discontent 6/23/14 Some vintage hardcore from Discontent, live at the Skyroom.
Four Andantes 6/21/14 45 Friday (repost): “Hipper Than Me” – 1968 Soul from the legendary & mysterious FOUR ANDANTES!
Lance Diamond 6/21/14 Here’s Lance Diamond, with the Goos! From 1998.
North Tonawanda Model 191 band organ 6/20/14 Today isn’t a person, but an instrument, the North Tonawanda Model 191 band organ
FBI 6/19/14 Young Bflo hip hop from the FBI.
Miller David Michael 6/18/14 David Michael Miller wrote this one for Mary Martin Moser for the April fundraiser.
Decay of Western Civilization 6/17/14 Video Bonus: Meanwhile, another newly posted vid: Decay of Western Civilization. This got its share of MTV spins.
Kane David 6/17/14 Classic David Kane from back in the day.
Cosmic Shakedown 6/16/14 Cosmic Shakedown, “Can You Help Me.” Feels like it’s1972 again! In this case, that’s a good thing.
Stahl Tom 6/15/14 Tom Stahl & the Dangerfields, live last week in East Aurora.
Yeomans Doug 6/14/14 Doug Yeomans, Jim Whitford and crew do “Wabash Cannonball” in Angelica.
Evolution Protocol 6/13/14 Some modern hard rock from Evolution Protocol. Live @ Broadway Joe’s.
Linus Box 6/12/14 Back to the Continental for Linus Box, 1994
Adams Dee 6/11/14 Here’s Dee Adams with McCarthyizm … Live in black & white at the Sportsmen’s.
Wojick Bruce 6/10/14 Bruce Wojick and the Struggle w/Will Holton on sax.
Jordan Al 6/9/14 AJ Jordon brings the hip hop to the Forvm.
LoCurto Ron 6/8/14 Some Ron LoCurto blues rock from down Nashville way.
Professors 6/7/14 45 Friday: From SUNY Fredonia, ’50s harmonies from The Professors. Courtesy of Bob The Record Guy Paxon.
Tension 6/7/14 This is a WNY.FM special – Tension’s entire set from Continental reunion show 4/26.
Third Realm 6/6/14 Echoes of the Continental and Diablo, from Third Realm.
Nile Willie 6/5/14 Willie Nile w Jefferson Grizzard (who’s got so many connections here he’s practically a WNYer).
Dan & Leanne 6/4/14 Here are Dan & Leanne of Rustic Radio with a slow burner at WCVF in Fredonia.
Aqueous 6/3/14 Some Aqueous on the road.
Legendary Dukes 6/2/14 From the eastern side of WNY … They really are legendary, back to their days with Wilmer.
Other Side 6/1/14 2014 The Other Side of a “Sonny Moon for Two” … into a sunny Sunday morning.
Super Killer Robot 5/31/14 It’s your Saturday morning cartoon rock from Super Killer Robot, via Crimson Pestilence!
Civilette Deanna 5/30/14 Here’s Deanna Civilette on WCVF’s Local Lo-Down. It’s a cover, but she also does originals.
Pat & the Satellites 5/30/14 45 Friday: Here’s a great rockin’ instrumental — from Olean — courtesy of Bob ‘The Record Guy’ Paxon.
Teased to a Beatdown 5/29/14 OK, what can people tell us about Teased to a Beatdown? Circa 1998-2000? Who was in it?
Walker Ron 5/28/14 Here is Ron Walker, playing with the Van Taylor, doing the classic “Hey Joe.”
Winsick Mark 5/28/14 It’s a bit belated, but here’s the Mark Winsick Band.
Campbell Chuckie 5/26/14 From a basketball coach … and rapper.
Johnson Bryan 5/25/14 Here are Bryan Johnson & Family to energize you on a bright Sunday morning.
Tins 5/24/14 Here are the Tins triplets. Well, not really triplets. They just look like it in their press photo.
Erni Derrick 5/23/14 45 Friday: Who was Derrick Erni? Not sure. But Bob ‘The Record Guy’ Paxon presents his record.
Strange Acres 5/23/14 Here’s some moody music for a Friday from Strange Acres.
Salter Larry 5/22/14 We’ve got the Larry Salter Big Band, featuring Eliot Birdsong, today, at Colored Musicians Club.
Every Time I Die 5/21/14 New ETID, with Bflo backdrop. Not really suitable for office viewing tho!
Outside Broadcast 5/21/14 The sound is pretty muddy, but here’s a group of young Bflo all-stars doing the Clash.
Heavenly Chillbillies 5/19/14 The Jambulance stops by with a bluesy take on a standard. Here are the Heavenly Chillbillies.
Aqueous 5/18/14 Let’s ease into a Sunday with some Aqueous, with guest from Dopapod, at Waiting Room.
April & Nino 5/17/14 45 Friday: We just beat the wire. It’s still Friday. April & Nino, courtesy of Bob “The Record Guy” Paxon.
Harmonia Chamber Singers 5/17/14 Harmonia Chamber Singers premiere of “Lost Girls Of Juarez”
John Stevens 5/16/14 It’s been 10 years since John Stevens was on American Idol. Here’s what he’s doing today:
Every Time I Die 5/15/14 Every Time I Die meets the Outlyers meet the Beatles. At the Sportsmen’s. Cool!
10,000 Maniacs 5/14/14 How ’bout Natalie-era 10,000 Maniacs doing Bruce?
Goo Goo Dolls 5/13/14 Here are the Goo Goo Dolls with one for a rainy day.
Do It With Malice 5/12/14 A chunk of ska from Do It with Malice at Nietzsche’s.
Bloody Hollies 5/11/14 Sunday, Bloody Hollies Sunday.
Bryan Roger 5/10/14 Some Roger Bryant & the Orphans from back at the ‘Hawk.
Stevens April 5/10/14 45 Friday: We’re off the soul and into some pop today as Bob “The Record Guy” brings some April Stevens.
Ellsworth 5/9/14 Here’s Ellsworth in our continuing series of great young bands live in the studio from WCVF-FM.
Groove Force 5/8/14 Here’s Groove Force getting soulful.
Dirty Smile 5/6/14 Here’s a cool old-school MTV style vid from Dirty Smile, Bflo band in Hard Rock global contest.
Observers 5/5/14 This one is to make you long for real spring. The Observers/Folk Face at the Allentown Art Fest.
Nullstadt 5/4/14 Here’s another Continental reunion vid, Nullstadt from the Let’s Go Buffalo people.
Tinney Al 5/3/14 Here’s a follow-up to last night’s 45 Friday on Al Tinney. Al audio — live and later …
Intrepid Travelers 5/2/14 Down south, it’s FredFest and Fredstock weekend. So here’s Intrepid Travelers, a Fredstock band.
Jive Bombers 5/2/14 45 Friday: What do you think was Dr. Al Tinney’s biggest hit? It was with this vocal group in the ’50s. check it out!
Abdullah Bilal 5/1/14 Here are some jazz greats, Bilal Abdullah with Sharon Bailey. Jazz @ Anchor Bar, a Bflo tradition.
Enemies 4/30/14 We’re editing show video, but meanwhile here’s some Enemies from Sat. night from another source.
Restless 4/29/14 Here’s a rarity … Live Restless from 1984! Linked to start near start of the music.
Johnny Revolting 4/28/14 Here’s one from Sat. night at the Continental show, Johnny Revolting. Vid by Bill Wilkins.
King Savannah 4/27/14 Here’s a original video from Savannah King, one of the area’s great young songwriters.
Freeland Mark 4/26/14 You can’t go wrong with Freeland video. Here’s some to get you ready for Continentl reunion tonite.
New Toys 4/26/14 Bonus video: New Toys in the Market Arcade lobby Thursday night. Look for Kevin K tonight at Continental reunion.
Banks Darrell 4/25/14 45 Friday: Darrell Banks! c/o Bob The Record Guy Paxon. Bflo meets Detroit.
Blue Rootz 4/25/14 Here’s Blue Rootz w some, well, bluesy roots music.
Toys 4/24/14 A Toys Story will screen at 6 tonite in the Bflo Niag Film Fest. Here’s one that’s not in the doc.
Elizabeth Sara 4/23/14 Here’s Sara Elizabeth, live in the studio, at WCVF in Fredonia.
James Rick 4/22/14 Here’s a slab of superfunk from Rick James.
Lo and Behold 4/21/14 Here’s Lo and Behold, a young Niagara County group, at Fredonia’s WCVF Local Lo-Down.
Piatkowski Brothers 4/21/14 Bonus Video: Here’s a Dyngus Day special.
Martin Roland 4/20/14 Just in case you somehow slept in today, we bring a Bflo Easter to you, via Roland Martin, et al.
Constantino Dave 4/19/14 Here’s Bflo classic rock … Dave Constantino.
Elbert Donnie 4/18/14 45 Friday: Here’s some more Donnie Elbert (courtesy of Bob “the Record Guy” Paxon):
Weber Michelle 4/18/14 Here’s some vintage Michelle Weber, courtesy of HOTF-TV, Pamela Swarts & crew.
Queen City Riot 4/17/14 Let’s rock awhile. Here’s Queen City Riot.
Melissa Kate Project 4/16/14 Here’s one from a couple years back with the Melissa Kate Project, featuring the Old School B Boys.
Juini Booth 4/15/14 Here are some jazz masters at the CMC, led by Juini Booth.
Fountainhead 4/14/14 Downhome jamming on an old blues tune from Fountainhead at Nietzsche’s.
Brother Keep 4/13/14 We’re on a pop punk roll. Here’s Brother Keep.
Lo Blu Flame 4/12/14 Doug Yeomans, Jim Ehinger, Rob Lynch and Kyle Brock in Lo Blu Flame. What a great lineup!
Pentimento 4/11/14 Pentimento’s got a new official video out, with live vid from the Waiting Room.
Babik 4/10/14 Vid is a little fuzzy, shaky, but worth it to see Babik w BPO.
Fiasco Jones 4/9/14 Here’s some pop punk from Fiasco Jones from 2 years back. Good way to say goodbye to winter!
Nile Willie 4/8/14 Here’s WNY native with his anthem “One Guitar” – with Mike Peters and Bruce!
Skiffle Minstrels 4/7/14 Here’s some Americana feat. a stripped down Skiffle Minstrels from a couple of years back.
Waverly Josie 4/6/14 We’re going country today. Here’s vintage Josie Waverly from 1993.
Elbert Donnie 4/5/14 45 Friday: We’ve got more Donnie Elbert (courtesy Bob ‘the Record Guy’ Paxon), plus new page layout Check out both!
Hall of Fame 4/5/14 Epic jam after the Bflo Music H of F indux last October. This one is brand news!
Cry 4/4/14 Thanks to Anthony Burt, who pointed out this one … The Cry, with a vintage vid from BCMK.
Breckenwood 4/3/14 Heard these guys mention this vid on the radio last night. Here ’tis.
Road 4/2/14 Here’s (relatively) recent vid of Mellow Brick Road chart hit done by band they became: The Road.
Green Jello 4/1/14 April Fool’s Day. Green Jello. Need we say more?
Voice of Cheez 3/31/14 Penultimate theme post for week of 4/1 … Bflo does Zappa. Voice of Cheez (trio version)!
Those Idiots 3/30/14 In keeping with spirit of the season, here are Those Idiots.
Elbert Donnie 3/29/14 Friday 45: What day is it? Well, EP forgot to post from DC! Now, here it is, courtesy of Bob ‘The Record Guy’ Paxon.
Tedesco Tommy 3/28/14 We’re resolutely refusing to be serious this week.Here’s the legendary Tommy Tedesco w Martin Mull.
Klyma Greg 3/27/14 The countdown to 4/1 continues. Here’s Greg Klyma w Talkin Talkin Blues Blues.
Ookla the Mok 3/26/14 Can we keep the goofier vibe going all the way until April Fool’s Day? We’ll try, “Mwahaha”!
Handsome Jack 3/25/14 Some over-the-top silliness from Handsome Jack, co-starring the Mohawk.
Hinds Buddy 3/24/14 Buddy Hinds is a classic over-the-top drummer. Here’s one of his solos.
Diving Nelsons 3/23/14 In case the first one didn’t go through, here’s the Diving Nelsons.
Sandad 3/23/14 FB video of poster memories of the Pipe Dragon, etc. Music by Sandad.
Hargro Charles 3/22/14 45 Friday: Here’s more of Charles Hargro’s great bass, courtesy of Bob The Record Guy Paxon.
Sleepy Hahas 3/22/14 The Sleepy Hahas get all trippy on a song from upcoming release.
Buffalo Bills 3/21/14 The barbershop quartet in The Music Man was the Buffalo Bills – who predated the AFL team.
Mikulski Jeff 3/21/14 Sadness Video: Just heard Jeff Mikulski died. Here he is performing with Davey O a couple of years back.
Darling Harbor 3/20/14 Here’s one of our own videos, featuring young Bflo folk-rockers Darling Harbor.
Chow Johnny 3/19/14 Bflo native Johny Chow has been all over (manager of Viper Room?). He’s a bassman for hire.
Buffalo Shuffle 3/18/14 What a great lineup! What a great idea! Love to see something like this done again.
Enemies 3/17/14 This one’s all about the song, not the video. Long lost Enemies, offered to pubilc for 1st time.
Telltale Signs 3/17/14 Oops. Yesterday’s tweet never went out. Here the Telltale Signs rock the garage … in the studio.
Rust Belt Lights 3/15/14 Rust Belt Lights give you an energy infusion to start the day!
Cannon Danny 3/14/14 45 Friday: Here’s more classic early Buffalo R&B from Lenny O’Henry, courtesy of Bob “The Record Guy” Paxon.
Cosmic Shakedown 3/14/14 Rawk on with Cosmic Shakedown. Here they are at the Waiting Room.
Loki de Trixta DJ LoPro 3/13/14 Here’s one from a few years back with Loki de Trixta and DJ LoPro.
Biddlecom Mike 3/12/14 Guitar and beats from Mike Biddlecom.
Chizuk Jess 3/11/14 Singer-songwriter Jess Chizuk has a full band on this one.
Hangman’s Beautiful Daughter 3/10/14 The Hangman’s Beautiful Daughter. Indy vibe. Buffalo roots.
Klyma Greg 3/9/14 We haven’t had Greg Klyma in awhile. Here’s one from his show on 2/28. Featured on HuffPo recently.
Sheehan Billy 3/8/14 Billy Sheehan doubles up the fun with Paul Gilbert here.
Vibraharps 3/8/14 45 Friday: Bob “The Record Guy” Paxon has more Vibraharps!
Poverty Hymns 3/7/14 Here’s an atmospheric piece from Poverty Hymns at Sound Lab.
Pointless Pursuit 3/6/14 Music from a modern day garage from a couple of years back. Pointless Pursuit.
Immortals 3/5/14 Here’s Fred Mann in one of his bands after the enemies, The Immortals!
James Jony 3/4/14 Mo’ blues, with Jony James joining the Electras for Killing Floor.
Miller David Michael 3/3/14 David Michael Miller w Campbell Bros at CPG, doing residency shows before tour. 10 minutes of show.
Bloodthirsty Vegans 3/2/14 Blood Thirsty Vegans, at Nietzsche’s, back during the Occupy days.
Real People 3/1/14 Today punk from Real People, recorded at Quiet Country.
Vibraharps 3/1/14 Friday 45: This is a key bit of WNY music. Bob the Record Guy Paxon gets into the history of the Vibraharps.
Brice Harvey 2/28/14 Harvey Brice lives in Bflo. His Unbroken, is doing a fundraiser for Matt Urban Hope Center Sunday:
DiRe Phil 2/27/14 Here’s jazz sax player Phil DiRe.
Ransomville 2/26/14 We haven’t had any country in a while, so here’s some Ransomville.
Matka 2/25/14 Here’s some electro from Matka. He’s got an online electro radio show, too.
Remote Control 2/24/14 Funky, then punky. It’s Remote Control from 1983. Can anybody tell us more about this group?
Peterson Lucky 2/23/14 Here’s J.J. White of the Blueshounds sitting in with Lucky Peterson at the Tralf a few years back.
Jumpers 2/22/14 45 Friday: It’s the Jumpers … check out You’ll Know Better (When I’m Gone), one of their classics.
Tugboat Annie 2/22/14 OK, what year do you think this Tugboat Annie video is from?
McNeil Mari 2/21/14 Classic American Songbook from Mari McNeil. Plus bonus hockey vid in the background.
Syms Alyn 2/20/14 OK, this is a little different. Alyn Syms, here as Allan A Dale. Emil Novak video.
Theatre Nocturne 2/18/14 Theatre Nocturne turns the volume up to 11. Or is that 12.
Deja Fuze 2/17/14 We be jamming with Deja Fuze today. They were back in town last month at Nietzsche’s.
Paxton Del 2/16/14 Del Paxton does some alt pop in Ithaca.
Pipitone Alison 2/15/14 Alison Pipitone just dropped a new video with a song from her Big Wide World CD. Here it is.
UST Topaz 2/15/14 45 Friday: It’s a funky 45 this week, with U.S.T. Topaze, a BCMK records release.
Katie Ann 2/14/14 We’ve got some pop from Katie Ann today. Video goes off in some unexpected directions near end.
Dive House Union 2/13/14 Here’s some Dive House Union live with an original song.
Third Realm 2/12/14 Here’s some EDM from Third Realm. Would this have fit in at the Continental or what?
Case Peter 2/11/14 Here’s 19-year-old Peter Case in his busking days in San Francisco, 1973. Random but fascinating.
JohnBoy 2/10/14 Haven’t had rap in awhile. Here’s JohnBoy’s new one. Not suitable for office.
BBC Band 2/9/14 This seems like perfect day for this great video from Jon Hand. Fab Buffalo! W/ some local greats.
Fredmannscurve 2/9/14 (this didn’t send yesterday, so here’s Sat. vid of fredmannscurve at the Joe Bompczyk 2010 trib.
Graduates 2/7/14 45 Friday: Classic doo wop from the Graduates, via Bob ‘the Record Guy’ Paxon. One of Bflo’s big hits.
Resist Control 2/7/14 Here’s Resist Control at the 2010 Decency Rally. Heard they have a new LP dropping.
Stan & the Ravens 2/6/14 Here’s maybe the biggest influence in early Bflo R&R history: Stan & the Ravens.
Imperial Brown 2/5/14 Here are jamsters Imperial Brown at Mojo’s in Jamestown.
Vaganek Brendan 2/4/14 Brendan Vaganek of Hunger Anthem, live and solo.
Green Jello 2/3/14 Here’s oldest Green Jello vid we’ve seen, from ’85, w/14 min. of mayhem. Who all is on stage here?
Ruminiski Valerian 2/2/14 The Nickel City Opera folks do jazz! Here’s Valerian Ruminski.
Maher Eliza Hayes 2/1/14 We’re on a run of ex-pats. Here’s Eliza Hayes Maher in NYC. She does a musical theatre camp here.
Playboys 2/1/14 45 Friday: This week Bob “The Record Guy” Paxon has the Playboys, a predecessor to Graduates. Really early Bflo rock!
moe 1/31/14 moe rose out of Bflo. Here are a couple of its members with Floodwood, playing on the Relix roof.
Berggren Dan 1/30/14 Bonus audio: Here’s another one from Dan Berggren, a radio ID Pete Seeger did for WCVF-FM, at SUNY Fredonia.
Reed Ishmael 1/30/14 Here’s Ishmael Reed, bflo native, UB grad, poet laureate of Oakland Calif.
Skinbound 1/29/14 Let’s let loud and dark. Here’s Skinbound with Crucible.
McLaughlin Carol 1/28/14 Here’s the Carol McLaughlin Big Band at the Colored Musicians Club. Classic stuff!
Armegeddon Party 1/27/14 Armageddon Party says it’s “Electronic Dance Music, but not EDM for some reason.”Nice vid, Diggler.
Berggren & Gilman 1/26/14 Bonus audio: 36 years ago, there was a rescue on this day . Dan Berggren and Dick Gilman made a song of it.
Wolf 1/26/14 Here’s a young artist who goes by Wolf. Recorded in Fredonia.
Ruch Dave 1/25/14 Here’s Dave Ruch, with an Erie Canal song. … Wonder what the canal people did all winter?
Charles 1/24/14 45 Friday: Bob The Record Guy has some biker rock from the Charles this week: “Motorcyle.”
Taylor Made Jazz 1/24/14 Video of he Day: Taylor Made Jazz with Jenny’s Blues, on a breezy day a couple of summers ago. A bit of summer heat.
Hayes Mick 1/23/14 Mick Hayes is taking his red-hot blues-rock band to NAMM. Here’s a cool instrol at the Sportsmens.
A Breath Alive 1/22/14 Back to the music with some A Breath Alive @ Xtreme Wheels. Hardcore? Metalcore? What’s your call?
Knappenberger Kent 1/21/14 Interview today. Westfield’s Knappenberger won teaching Grammy today. Has great string band, too.
Edwards Patricia 1/20/14 Patricia Edwards did MLK trib with the BPO Sunday. Don’t have that, but do have her at the Apollo.
Holland-Weissman Duo 1/19/14 It’s the kind of a Sunday to sit back, check out contemporary classical from Holland-Weissman Duo.
Discontent 1/18/14 Buffalo hardcore from Discontent from a venue you won’t find in many vids: the Skyroom in So. Bflo.
Gamalon 1/18/14 Sadness Video: As many of you know, Bruce Brucato died on Wednesday. Here he is with Gamalon. One of Bflo’s greats.
Bryan Roger 1/17/14 Completing a workweek of mighty Mo’ videos, here’s Roger Bryan & the Orphans.
Vibratos 1/17/14 45 Friday: Bob ‘The Record Guy’ Paxon has all the info you need to know on the Vibratos!
Brown Sugar 1/16/14 More Mohawk. Punk. Brown Sugar.
Mystic Eyes 1/15/14 Mohawk week continues with one of earliest vids I’ve seen: Mystic Eyes! w the late Eric Lubstorf.
Mr. Conrad 1/14/14 Mohawk week continues with Mr. Conrad. This was one of my (EP) first online videos.
Bill Nehill 1/13/14 Mohawk Place memorial week continues with the melancholy of Bill Nehill.
Bring Me Your Vultures 1/12/14 Some thoughts on Bring Us Your Vultures, the documentary on the last days of the Mohawk Place, are at the link below.
Chylde 1/12/14 Bring Me Your Vultures has inspiredus to do a week of Mohawk memories. Here’s Chylde.
Irving Klaws 1/11/14 Mohawk doc premieres tonight at theTown. So here’s a taste of the place with Irving Klaws.
Armcannon 1/10/14 Didn’t realize a local band was going to be featured when this happened.
Weaver Carlena 1/10/14 45 Friday: More soul! Carlena Weaver, courtesy of Bob “the Record Guy” Paxon.
Nunn Billy 1/9/14 Check out Billy Nunn’s B-3 organ on this!
Bryan Roger 1/8/14 Let’s rock a bit! Here’s Roger Bryan & the Orphans.
St. Clair Barbara 1/8/14 Bonus Video: Great audio. From one of Barbara St. Clair’s last shows. Thanks for posting, Chris Haug.
Engler Kate 1/7/14 Here’s a bit of blues from the Kate Engler Band.
Prybylski Jack 1/6/14 Let’s ease into a chilly Monday with some smooth jazz from Jack Prybylski.
Swill 1/5/14 It’s a little lo-fi, but here’s some Swill for your early Sunday imbibing.
Goatskins 1/4/14 Here’s one from Jamestown, from the Goatskins.
Dunlop Frankie 1/3/14 Here’s the other half of the Dunlop Bros.: Frankie, playing with Monk.
Mullen Hank 1/3/14 45 Friday: Bob ‘The Record Guy’ Paxon has a killer soul song this week, one from Hank ‘Soul Man’ Mullen.
Spruke 1/2/14 We haven’t done much EDM before, so here goes … and funny vid, too.
Ward Denzell 1/1/14 Let’s start the year off with Secret Agent Double-O-Soul, Denzell Ward with a take on Joe Tex.
Dirty Smile 12/31/13 Let’s rock out the year with a house concert, of sorts, from Dirty Smile. Vid by Crimson Pestilence
Guevara Manny 12/30/13 Manny Guevara was in the Cobras back in the ’80s. He’s been doing roots in Chicago for a long time.
Functional Flow 12/29/13 Nietzsche’s is doing a jam band New Year’s eve. Here’s one of the bands … Functional Flow
Piorkowski James 12/28/13 Here’s Jim Holler building James Piorkowski’s guitar – to a Piorkowski composition.
Pentimento 12/27/13 Here’s some live Pentimento. They’ll be home and performing tomorrow night at Waiting Room.
Stan & the Ravens 12/27/13 45 Friday: More cool stuff from Stan & the Ravens (courtesy of Bob the Record Guy Paxon).
Voice of Cheez 12/26/13 Here’s Voice of Cheez to soften the blow as you come out of the post-holiday haze.
Calla Lynne 12/25/13 Merry Christmas everyone! Here’s one last Because It’s Christmastime vid for this year.
Clemens Clarence 12/25/13 Bonus Video, Christmas Eve Edition: The Big Man’s last show with Bruce, in Buffalo, with a Christmas soul classic.
Shea Pat 12/24/13 Continuing our Because It’s Christmastime run, here’s Pat Shea.
Oliver Michael 12/23/13 Today’s Because It’s Christmastime (what a great project that was!) look is from Michael Oliver.
Stahl Tom 12/22/13 Tom Stahl’s take on Christmas. Another of the Becuase It’s Christmastime videos.
McCarthyizm 12/21/13 Here’s another Christmas vid, this one with The McCarthyizm Choir!
Buffalo Bills 12/20/13 45 Friday: It’s a sports day at Here’s a 1980 thing celebrating the Bills and Christmas.
God’s Children 12/20/13 Now thru 12/25 featuring Because It’s Christmastime, great local TV special. Here’s God’s Children.
Jeanneret Rick 12/20/13 Bonus Video: They’ve won 2 in a row, so now we can post this blast from the past.
Unity Band 12/19/13 Here’s a little bit o soul from the Unity Band and Pat Edwards.
Smith Buffalo Bob 12/18/13 This is a stretch – Buffalo Bob Smith singing Tootsie Roll commercial. But WNY music nonetheless.
Buffalo Touch 12/17/13 First holiday vid of ’13. Polka medley. And who the hell is Alice?
Industry of Life Divine 12/16/13 Shades of the Continental, Industry of Life Divine is back at it! At Broadway Joe’s 2 days ago.
Frank Jackson C. 12/15/13 Jackson C. Frank’s “Blues Run the Game” has dozens of covers on YT. Here’s one by Bert Jansch.
Electroman 12/14/13 One of the earlier mtv-style “music videos” from WNY, from Electroman –pre MTV!
Stan & the Ravens 12/14/13 45 Friday: Here’s a Bob “The Record Guy” Paxon’s look at Stan & the Ravens’ classic on Sahara Records.
Loefke Leah 12/13/13 Some lo-fi vid to go with a nicely produced song. Leah Loefke. Looks like Lake Erie shoreline?
Ronald Raygun 12/12/13 Ronald Raygun, the version with Ashley on vocals, from 2012 Infringement, punking it up a bit.
Paul’s Grandfather 12/11/13 Hadn’t heard much of these guys, but thye’ve got an interesting sound.
Bring Me Your Vultures trailer 12/10/13 Bonus Video: Here’s trailer for Mohawk Final Days doc. … If you want to give it a hand, go to their indiegogo page.
Whiskey Reverb 12/10/13 Strange and fascinating new vid from Whiskey Reverb. Shake the Cage.
Scottilicious 12/9/13 A bunch of Bflo all-stars in Scottilicious doing a Mark Freeland song. How cool is that?
Carbon Copycats 12/8/13 Here’s a Fredonia all-star crew (Michael Mercurio and two Fridmann’s among them). Carbon Copycats.
Crean Jim 12/7/13 Jim Crean with Melissa and some rawk.
Crean Jim 12/7/13 Bonus Video: Here’s Jim Crean’s early ’90s video that got some views on MTV.
Galla Tony 12/6/13 45 Friday: Here’s a classic from Tony Galla (via Bob the Record Guy Paxon).
Jazz Example 12/6/13 Some Friday Jazz Example via Artvoice, with Sharon Bailey, Bilal Abdullah doing Grover Washington.
Lower Town Trio 12/5/13 We had Elvis-related yesterday. Here’s rockabilly today w Lower Town Trio, feat. the Van Cleves.
Guercio Joe 12/4/13 Was anybody from Bflo closer to Elvis than Joe Guercio? Here he conducts again -in a tribute show.
Moonboot Lover 12/3/13 Peter Prince and Moonboot lover, from a couple of Halloweens ago.
Freeland Mark 12/2/13 We’ve got something different today. Mark Freeland. Talking. About Kenmore.
Schulz Gretchen 12/1/13 When Jon Hand puts up a video, it’s always really good.Here’s his “5 minutes with Gretchen Schulz.”
Fortier Billy 11/30/13 Here’s something atmospheric from Billy Fortier, w vid produced by some SUNY Fred connected people.
Smith Lonnie 11/30/13 45 Friday: Bob ‘The Record Guy’ Paxon has a great one today from jazz great Lonnie Smith.
Traditional 11/29/13 These guys have been criss-crossing the nation lately. It’s blk Fri. Check ’em on FB, buy their CD.
Ralston James 11/28/13 James Ralston has big history. In WNY w/Flash, w/Nicolette Larson. Here’s one he wrote for Tina:
DiFranco Ani 11/27/13 Here’s Ani D, from back in the Occupy days.
Bellanti Joe 11/26/13 What we didn’t tell you Sunday was that it was Part 1 w Joe Bellanti …Here’s Part 2 (a day late).
Bellanti Joe 11/24/13 Joe Bellanti, on his way to playing with moe.
Debonairs 11/23/13 45 Friday: Here’s a cool soul 45 from the Debonairs, courtesy of Bob “The Record Guy” Paxon.
Debonairs… 11/23/13 45 Friday: Retweet: Here’s a cool soul 45 from the Debonairs, courtesy of Bob “The Record Guy” Paxon.
Goo Goo Dolls 11/23/13 We haven’t done any Goos in awhile. This is one of my faves of the early days. Love that energy!
Sommers Joanie 11/22/13 Joanie Sommers is a Bflo native, made her TV debut here as a kid. Moved to Cali as teen, pre-hits.
May Willie 11/21/13 Here’s the view from upstairs at the Sportsmen’s, w the Willie May Blues Band.
Kill the Clock 11/20/13 Some alt-pop from Kill the Clock. They won battle of bands for MIA last summer.
Local Lo-Down 11/20/13 ARCHIVES: SUNY Fredonia’s Local Lowdown is contributing podcasts. Here’s Fall show 01.
Fems 11/19/13 ARCHIVES: We’ve got a treat this morning. Candio (aka C. Mercer) is sharing some articles.Meet the Fems, circa 1982!
Flatbed 11/19/13 Flatbed gave us a heads up on this video, and we decided it’s VOD quality! Live @ the Sportsmen’s.
Jones Bobby 11/18/13 Let’s get the week started with some jazz from the Bobby Jones Trio and Don Rice.
Switch 11/17/13 We’ve got a special presentation today: Jon Hand’s mini-doc on Switch. Enjoy.
Diggs Joe 11/16/13 Let’s go with some R&B from Joe Diggs & Annette Batia on City Rhythm from 1987.
Engler Jerry 11/15/13 45 Friday: It’s a Rochester, rockabilly kind of day with Jerry Engler, via Bob “The Record Guy” Paxon
Mulley Michael 11/15/13 New Pix: Michael Mulley has contributed some photos from last year’s Decency Rally. Mallwalkers, Plates and more.
Painkillers 11/15/13 Got request for Painkillers. Family member looking for photos, etc of late, great Bill Painkiller.
Jungle Studs 11/14/13 Jungle Studs @ the Sanctuary. Old school punk at a now-obscure venue.
Zindles 11/13/13 The Zindle siblings (Erin and T.J.) and band are back in town Saturday at new Buffalo Iron Works.
Ward Zak 11/12/13 Here’s Zak Ward (of Son of the Sun), doing his solo thing.
Grupo Variedad 11/11/13 Grupo Variedad is a combo featuring some of the local Latin music legends. Check ’em out!
Felder David 11/10/13 David Felder is a composer and prof at UB. Here’s and excerpt of one of his pieces:
Schriver Ramblin’ Lou 11/9/13 45 Friday is 78 Saturday this week, with this gem from Ramblin’ Lou,via Bob “The Record Guy” Paxon.
Torres Puleo Wynne 11/9/13 Quirky and fun jam from some WNY all-stars.
Haight Cindy 11/8/13 Here’s a little Southern Tier sunshine from Cindy Haight.
Blind Wires 11/7/13 Here are the Blind Wires, proving not everything at Xtreme Wheels has been punk.
Mystic Eyes 11/6/13 Here’s a new discovery: Mystic Eyes@ Mohawk in 1996, feat. M. Brydalski and the late Eric Lubstorf.
QRS Piano Rolls 11/5/13 Look, Ma, no hands! It’s QRS piano roll (produced in Bflo) with version of Pinetop’s Boogie Woogie.
Flash 11/4/13 Here’s a 2fer from a band that never played live! Flash was a bit of a supergroup of Bflo greats.
English Richie 11/3/13 Here’s something a bit quirky — both visually and sonically — with piano from Richie English.
Graph Rabbit 11/2/13 How is Graph Rabbit WNY? Via Allen Farmelo, recordist&his Butterscotch Recs. Great sounds in NYC.
Bill Times a Billion 11/1/13 Bill Times a Billion … They have a great sound.
DeSoto Bobby 11/1/13 45 Friday: It’s Bobby DeSoto’s “The Cheater,” courtesy of Bob “The Record Guy” Paxon. Enjoy.
Lunch Skip 10/31/13 Here’s Jamestown legend Skip Lunch with some old friends on a return to town last year.
Kuhlberg Andy 10/30/13 Only recently learned one of Blues Project was WNYer Andy Kuhlberg, the flute player here.
Green Columbus 10/29/13 Here’s Columbus Green, sitting in with Mob From Atlantis at Broadway Joe’s.
Adams Dee 10/28/13 Here’s Dee Adams with Screamin’ Jay Hawkins’ “I Put a Spell on You”
Nickel City Opera 10/27/13 Here’s something we haven’t done before: opera. Nickel City version.
Lewis & Klark 10/26/13 Here’s one from Lewis & Klark, a guitar duo that’s been playing together close to two decades.
Rabbit & Gino 10/26/13 45 Friday: Bob “Record Guy” Paxon has more Rabbit & Gino. Check out some classic r&B-soul.
Meadows Cherita 10/25/13 Cherita Meadows graduated from Bflo Arts in ’95. Now she’s half of Gaea in the Pacific Northwest.
Latimer Emile 10/24/13 RIP Emile Latimer, Memorial show is Sunday at the Colored Musicians Club.
Gamalon 10/23/13 Gamalon has had a lot of people go through it. Most of them are on this video! l
Militello Bobby 10/22/13 So we start Year 2. Here’s Bobby Militello w Dave Brubeck.
Jacklords 10/21/13 It’s our first-year anniversary! So here’s a new video from one of EP’s fave bands, the Jacklords.
Fredmannscurve 10/20/13 As we close in on a year of VODs,here’s one of our own.Fredmannscurve, Robby Takac do Enemies song.
Krupkin Sid 10/19/13 Sid Krupkin was a legend teaching @McKinley. These days he’s working with kids near Charlotte, N.C.
Psychedelic Dragons 10/18/13 Psychedelic Dragons will be doing a CD release show Saturday night. Here’s what they sounds like.
Rabbit & Gino 10/18/13 45 Friday: Bob The Record Guy Paxon brings us the story of Count Rabbit and Geno Washington today.
Decay of Western Civilization 10/17/13 Just saw this one via Ed Ed-Tech – a full 22 minutes of David Kane and Decay of Western Civ!
April & Nino 10/16/13 Here’s Scopitone of NF’s Nino Tempo & April Stevens. S’tones were video jukeboxes back in the day.
Zeis & the Muckrakers 10/15/13 Here’s one from a new southtowns band with one of their originals.
Highbrows 10/14/13 Here are the Highbrows, live from the Tudor Lounge.
Antioch Baptist Church Male Choir 10/13/13 It’s a gospel music kind of Sunday morning. From Antioch Baptist Church and it’s male choir.
Bursie Noa 10/12/13 Just heard sad news that Noa Bursie died. Here’s a solo video.
Ralicki Carol & John 10/11/13 Some old folkie/blues/rock/soul from Lewiston.
Raye Jimmie 10/11/13 45 Friday: More great R&B from Bob The Record Guy Paxon!
Praying for Oblivion 10/10/13 Some industrial from Praying for Oblivion, 1999, Continental. Dark, both visually, sonically.
Virus X 10/9/13 Punk rock in the Falls 1984. Virus X vid gives you a sense of what it felt like back in the day.
Fat Brat 10/8/13 Better late than … here’s Fat Brat.
Nullstadt 10/7/13 Nullstadt with a music video from back in the day when music videos were … well, something.
Pauline & the Perils 10/6/13 Some vintage – as in 1982 – Continental, from Pauline & the Perils last show.
Mad Dukez Fresh Kils 10/5/13 Some hip hop from this past summer from Mad Dukez and Fresh Kils:
Failure’s Union 10/4/13 Here’s some Failure’s Union to send you into the weekend!
Rogues 10/4/13 45 Friday: Bob “The Record Guy” has a killer garage punk record this week: The Rogues’ “Train Kept A-Rollin'”
Aria 10/3/13 Old-school MTV style video from current band Aria.
Conrad Tony 10/2/13 It’s an experimental Wednesday with Tony Conrad and Lary 7.
People’s Choice 10/2/13 Here’s a bonus, vintage People’s Choice featuring late, great Buffalo Music HOF-er Frank Brunson.
Jewell Susana McGuire 10/1/13 It’s ex-pat Tuesday, and here’s some jazz from Susana McGuire Jewell.The Tonawandan is in Cali now.
Bogarts 9/30/13 Don’t Bogart that … well, actually, do …here are Jamestown’s Bogarts, easing you into the week.
Dan & Leanne 9/29/13 Dan and Leanne are one of the acts playing the All WNY Music Award show today at the Cove in Depew.
Heard 9/28/13 45 Friday: Bob the Record Guy Paxon has some great garage punk from Rochester’s The Heard this week.
Ward Denzell 9/28/13 Here’s some secret soul from Denzell Ward, one of the best but underrated performers in Buffalo.
716 9/27/13 Gotta like a band that takes its name from our area code.
Bloody Hollies 9/26/13 The Bloody Hollies will be back in town Saturday at the Waiting Room.
Sic Sin 9/25/13 Sic Sin at Broadway Joe’s, just right to burn some angst off.
Falzone Sam 9/24/13 Couldn’t find the late Sam Falzone on vid, so here’s band from the Balkans doing one of his songs.
Moves 9/23/13 Here’s some nuevo new wave, courtesy of The Moves on Saturday night at the Forvm
Mombrea Joe 9/22/13 We’ve been rocking out lately. Here’s something softer from Joe Mombrea for a Sunday morning.
K Kevin 9/21/13 Keeping the Toys vibe going, here’s Kevin K with a song about a place and a time in NYC.
Mahfoud Joseph 9/20/13 So has “Soulshine” reached the level of standard yet? Here’s a version w Joseph Mahfoud on guitar.
Well Word Boot 9/19/13 Some craziness from Well Worn Boot …
Final Decline 9/18/13 Here’s some metal fit for a Buffalo Headbanger’s Ball. Final Decline.
Gallo Vince 9/18/13 It’s ex-pat Tuesday, and today we’ve got Vince Gallo, performing in Japan.
Carrow Skylr 9/16/13 Beats and photos from “Beats to Live By” — Skylr Carrow.
Tripi-Daniels Band 9/16/13 Here’s an easy groove to ease you into the week from the Tripi-Daniels Band.
Humans 9/14/13 45 Friday: Bob “The Record Guy” is featuring the snarling ’60s garage rock of Albion’s Humans this week.
Unbroken 9/14/13 The Unbroken sounds like a punk rock name, but the band is really more folk rock. Check ’em out!
Barrick Brendan 9/13/13 Follow-up. Here’s one from just a few months ago from son of Marvelous Sauce member.
Marvelous Sauce 9/13/13 Here’s one from back in the day (think early ’90s) by the Marvelous Sauce.
Billy Brite Band 9/12/13 Rough video, but love that energy. From the Billy Brite Band reunion.
WNY All-Stars 9/11/13 This was in response to 12 years ago today. Many familiar faces.
Tedesco Tommy 9/10/13 The late Tommy Tedesco played with Martin Mull in this piece from TV’s “Fernwood Tonight.”
12/8 Path Band 9/9/13 Here’s perhaps the most unusual venue we’ve featured. The 12/8 Path Band on the Buffalo Metro.
12/8 Path Band 9/9/13 Video of the Day Continued: And here’s the rest of it from another video.
Buffalo Chips 9/8/13 UB’s Buffalo Chips do Moxy Fruvuous (and what we at WNY.FM consider a classic).
Yeomans Jim 9/7/13 Here’s the official video for Jim Yeoman’s local country classic.
St. Clair Barbara 9/6/13 45 Friday: Bob “The Record Guy” Paxon’s pick this week is in honor of Barbara St. Clair, “Teacherman.”
Triangular Nelsons 9/6/13 Vintage Continental sounds from the Triangular Nelsons. Some good history in the ‘About’ w/video.
Weissman Stu 9/5/13 Here’s the Weissman family band – Stu & crew – with some jazz.
Crunchy Frog 9/4/13 From 1995 … some Crunchy Frog, playing a WBNY Battle of the Bands on the USS Little Rock.
Lethal Bark 9/3/13 Another ex-pat Tuesday — Here’s ex-Bflo News cartoonist Tom Toles’ group, Lethal Bark.
Super Killer Robots 9/2/13 Here’s a little high energy rock from the Super Killer Robots in the late and lamented Club Diablo.
Fredtown Stompers 9/1/13 Here’s something we haven’t had before — some Dixieland. From the Fredtown Stompers.
Ten Cent Howl 8/31/13 Here’s a cheerful Saturday morning tune from Ten Cent Howl.
Vistas 8/31/13 45 Friday: Here’s some Rochester surf, courtesy of Bob “The Record Guy” Paxon. The band is the Vistas.
DiFranco Ani 8/30/13 Somehow we hadn’t gotten to Ani yet!
Free Henry 8/29/13 Here’s Free Henry with a show from summers past.
David & Jean 8/28/13 Here’s some folk music for humpday.
Merlino Louie 8/27/13 Ex-pat edition-Louie Merlino grew up in Bflo and has sung for just about everyone, even Spinal Tap.
Cellars 8/26/13 Here’s something to wake you up on a Monday morning … the Cellars, live at Sausage Fest in June.
Torres Puleo Wynne 8/25/13 Breaking own rule w another cover, insane proggy version of “Eleanor Rigby” w Torres, Puleo, Wynne.
Whitford Jim 8/24/13 There’s a whole raft of Bflo Music HOFers in this Jim Band vid from Braymiller’s Lanes in Hamburg.
Ehinger Jim 8/23/13 Not the best vid quality, but has Jim Ehinger playing keys on song that he played on the hit, too.
Vaqueros 8/23/13 45 Friday: Bob The Record Guy Paxon has as winner from Rochester: The Vaqueros bring the surf rock sound on Echo.
Folkface 8/22/13 Some politifolk from the Infringement Fest with Folkface and “Freedom Fries.”
Essential Vitamins 8/21/13 Hip Hop courtesy of the Essential Vitamins Crew.
Power Trip 8/21/13 Bonus Video: We don’t usually do full sets or non-Bflo bands, but here’s last set ever at Funeral Home in April.
B Side Dubs 8/20/13 A bit of reggae from the B Side Dubs, playing down in Kent, Ohio.
Yellen Jack 8/19/13 Couldn’t find Buffalo’s Jack Yellen on tape, so the Beatles will have to do — with a Yellen song!
Heaven Bound 8/18/13 Heaven Bound is an all-women gospel group from Bflo with a big sound.
What Would Mingus Do 8/17/13 Some morning jazz from What Would Mingus Do? at the CPG (maybe first vid we’ve had from there?).
Mahoney John Culliton 8/16/13 45 Friday: Here’s a great summer tune – “Summer Love” – from John Culliton Mahoney, with story courtesy of Bob Paxon.
Mr. Conrad 8/16/13 Here’s Mr. Conrad w the R&B All-Stars – what a great horn section! And it’s OK to dance, folks.
Rabies 8/15/13 Video of the Day:The Rabies’ last show at the Mohawk, a little dark … both band and club things of the past now.
Hackworthy Jeff 8/14/13 Bflo native Jeff Hackworthy jams on “Night in Tunisia” in Trenton, N.J.
Parks Patti 8/13/13 Here’s Patti Parks and the Soul and R&B All-Stars with a killer version of a Jackie Wilson classic.
Digital Afterlife 8/12/13 Greg Burt does WNY Local Music Show. This is what he sounds like performing with Digital Afterlife.
Welch Erin Sydney 8/11/13 Erin Sydney Welch wowed the Infringement crowds she played for. The kid can sing.
Rising Sons 8/10/13 45 Friday: Some WNY legends made this Rising Sons record (courtesy Bob The Record Guy Paxon).
Townes Leroy 8/10/13 Here’s Leroy Townes with the raw version of a song from a few year’s back.
Funk Supreme 8/9/13 Funk Supreme does its take on A Love Supreme at DBGB’s. Wish it would just keep rolling!
Capitals 8/8/13 Working under the radar, here’s a group from Niagara/Orleans area … the Capitals.
Steam Donkeys 8/7/13 The Steam Donkeys are at Larkin Square tonight. Here’s an earlier version of the band.
Holmes Scinta 8/6/13 Ex-pat Tuesday 2 for 1, Frankie Scinta, Clint Holmes. They mug, but also sing the hell out of this.
Women of Robot Holiday 8/5/13 Blog was mentioned last week, but Women of Robot Holiday deserve VOD with this Dave Meinzer song!
Crow and Jay 8/4/13 Infringing’s finally ending. Here’s Crow and Jay. They’ll be at closing event at Nietzsche’s 2nite.
Groove Force 8/3/13 Still recovering from Fri. Infringing. Here’s a Sat.morn jam with Groove Force. 2nite at Fat Bob’s.
Heenan Brothers 8/2/13 The Heenan Bros. will bring their “canal blues” to the Infringment Hootenany at Babeville tonight.
Pinkooshions 8/2/13 45 Friday: Told you it was a big day for posts. Bob the Record Guy Paxon has a scorching Pinkooshions soul track!
Women of Robot Holiday 8/2/13 NEW POST: It’s a big day for blog posts today. Check out two videos in the Women of Robot Holiday post at
King Savannah 8/1/13 InfringementThursday. It’s Savannah King, at Pausa Art House tonite. This from her alphabet series.
Static Green 7/31/13 Infringing with Static Green. Somebody likes their effects. w/burlesquers at The Waiting Room.
Devil in Love 7/30/13 More Infringement fever. The Devil in Love. This afternoon at Filigrees.
This Is Fiction 7/29/13 On the Infringement train this week. This Is Fiction will be at Milkie’s tonight.
Odiorne 7/28/13 Look for a couple of Infringement sets from Odiorne. Here’s “Marblehead.”
Buffalo City Limits 7/27/13 Buffalo City Limits has some ACL echoes!
Cannon Danny 7/27/13 45 Friday: What is popcorn? Check out Bob the Record Guy’s story on Lenny O’Henry, and then take a listen!
Good 7/27/13 Bonus Video: Here’s a one-camera shot from that Good show last Saturday. This is what a garage punk song should be!
Fredonia Studio Sessions 7/26/13 Here’s one from Fredonia … a version of a Tower of Power song. More soul!
Dee Dolly 7/25/13 Dolly Dee brings the soul with the R&B All-Stars. Definitely one of our local legends.
Chloroformcoulier 7/24/13 Some acoustic craziness from Chloroformcoulier.
Peterson James 7/23/13 Ex-pat Tuesday is back. Here’s James Peterson — Lucky’s dad — from Curtis Lee’s show.
Pipitone Alison 7/23/13 Bonus Video: Here’s the Alison Pipitone Band from its CD release show Friday night … w/a full stage!
Stemm 7/22/13 Love the “right there” feeling of this from Stemm’s final show with all of their singers last Dec .
Stumberg Grace 7/22/13 Bonus Video: Here’s Grace Stumberg Band from Friday’s show. This band cooks! Tomorrow Alison Pipitone from same show.
Falletta JoAnn 7/21/13 Here’s the BPO’s JoAnn Falletta in her other gig, with the Virginia Symphony Orchestra.
Good 7/20/13 The Good were Great last August. Here’s WNY.FM original vid, w/ guest Dave Meinzer
Derbys 7/19/13 45 Friday: Bob The Record Guy Paxon has more from the Derbys … what a great, but unknown, vocal group!
Qui 73 7/19/13 Video of the Days: Here’s one from back a few years … alt rockers Qui 73, from Nickel City Dave.
Porcelain Train 7/18/13 Some Americana from Porcelin Train at the Sportsmen’s Tavern.
Long Cold Dark 7/17/13 Here’s something a little heavier, from the Long Cold Dark, playing on the road in Cleveland.
Slyboots Drumming Ensemble 7/16/13 The Slyboots Drumming Ensemble, positive cultural exchange in action.
Hunger Anthem 7/15/13 Hunger Anthem @ Nietzsche’s from awhile back.
Bentley Ed 7/14/13 Bonus Video: Ed Bentley & Ernie Corallo Saturday at the Hall of Fame tent, taste of Buffalo. First vid w new camera.
Kennedy Kevin 7/14/13 Kevin Kennedy, Katy Miner at the Arties from while back. Wish this were closer, but great voices!
Elektra Kings 7/13/13 Some summer surf from Jamestown’s Elektra Kings … “Elektra City.”
Derbys 7/12/13 45 Friday: Bob The Record Guy Paxon has a rockin’ vocal side from the mysterious Derbys. Check it out!
Stone City Band 7/12/13 Originals like Billy Nunn and Lanise Huges will be on stage for this Stone City Band show tonight.
Bentley Ed 7/11/13 Here’s the third version of Ed Bentley’s “Buffalo Man” — all musicians!
Sorkin Peter 7/10/13 Here’s a WNY.FM original w Peter Sorkin. It’s part of WNY Local Show. No. 7.
Nathan Chris 7/9/13 Ex-pat Tuesday … Chris Nathan has been playing out of Nashville lately.
Little Big John 7/8/13 Bob Paxon had him in 45 Friday. Here’s Big John Little in ’11. Who’s going to bring back to Bflo?
Chautauqua Symphony 7/7/13 Chautauqua’s in season … here’s their symphony, from a couple of years back.
Type Relevant 7/6/13 Type Relevant at Soundlab ’08. Did we hear right that Soundlab is done now too?
AW Jazz Quartet 7/5/13 We now return you to our regularly scheduled madness. Here’s the AW Jazz Quartet.
Hot Toddys 7/5/13 Friday 45: Bob The Record Guy Paxon has another cool instrumental. This time it’s the Hot Toddys with Hoe-Down
Cannibal Corpse 7/4/13 Hall post No. 5 … Cannibal Corpse!
James Jony 7/4/13 July 4. Hall of Fame blow-out. We’ll repost vids we had already done of ’13 inductees. Here’s Jony
Joe Public 7/4/13 Hall post No. 3 — Joe Public!
Merchant Natalie 7/4/13 Hall post No. 7 … Natalie Merchant!
Previte Bobby 7/4/13 Video of Day: Hall post No. 2 — Bobby Previte!
Schriver Linda Lou 7/4/13 Hall post No. 4 — Linda Lou Schriver with some Christmas in July!
Supple Ed 7/4/13 Hall post No. 6 … Ed Supple!
Santella Jim 7/3/13 Here’s something different. 90 seconds of interview/photos with Jim Santella, BMHOF class of ’13.
New Buffalo Shirt Factory 7/2/13 Bflo HOF Class of ’13, New Bflo Shirt Factory. Unfortunately sold 2 weeks ago. Is this video them?
Caserta Fred 7/1/13 Another BMHOF ’13 … Long-time rock promoter Fred Caserta explaining how he started Kingdom Bound.
Wilson Howard Fleetwood 6/30/13 Howard Fleetwood Wilson II, another BMHOF ’13, plays drums here with the Informers Band.
Mercury Rev 6/29/13 Another BMHOF pick. Mercury Rev, with ’13 inductee Dave Fridmann on bass, circa ’93.
Anselmo Andy 6/28/13 Bflo Music Hall’s 2013 class was named last night. Here’s the first we’re featuring: Andy Anselmo
Vibraharps 6/28/13 45 Friday: The Vibraharps were one of the coolest of the vocal groups. Check out this track.
Bacz/Sack 6/27/13 Another music venue is going down. The always-adventurous Vault is closing. Here’s some Bacz/Sack.
St. Clair Barbara 6/26/13 Here’s some classic soul with Buffalo Music Hall of Famer Barbara St. Clair.
Extra Cheese 6/25/13 It’s ex-pat Tuesday, so here’s Gary Storm (now in NM) w Extra Cheese. Which Bflo mags can you spot?
O Davey 6/25/13 WNY Local Show No. 6 is now online … Host Greg Burt features a live session and interview with Davey O.
Merchant Natalie 6/24/13 Let’s start the week w/some Natalie Merchant, from her first solo album.
Harmonia Chamber Singers 6/23/13 Some Sunday morning classical/gospel with the Harmonia Chamber Singers.
Hot Toddys 6/23/13 45 Friday: Bob “The Record Guy” has a great rocker today from the Hot Toddys – and the story that goes along with it.
Old School B Boys 6/22/13 The Old School B Boys rock the crowd at Juneteenth last week!
Tin Peddlers 6/22/13 The Tin Peddlers play some cool garage blues (with some negative-effect video).
Hot Toddys 6/21/13 45 Friday: Bob “The Record Guy” Paxon has a great rocker from the Hot Toddys – and the story that goes along with it.
Strunk Jud 6/21/13 More vintage. Jamestown-born, Bflo roots. Jud Strunk (gone 32 years). Even did a year on Laugh-In!
Ramrods 6/20/13 Classic, Vintage of the Ramrods’ “Heavy Shakin’ Mama.” Start at the song, or listen to whole promo.
Supple Ed 6/19/13 Some amazingly graceful stuff from Ed Supple! Just him and his guitar.
McKnight Brian 6/18/13 Today’s ex-pat feature is Brian McKnight, a Bflo Music Hall of Famer. This is one of his biggest.
Highbrows 6/17/13 Video of the Days: Here are the Highbrows — in a 3-person version.
Riverside Slim 6/16/13 Here’s one from the slightly mysterious Riverside Slim, connoisseur of junk culture and instruments
Acoustic Assault 6/15/13 Needed something quiet today, so went back to Crimson Pestilence with vid of Acoustic Assault
McEwen Billy 6/14/13 This is a WNY.FM original. Billy McEwen and a raft of Bflo Hall of Famers!
Premiers 6/14/13 45 Friday: Bob The Record Guy Paxon has a great rockin’ instrumental with the Premiers’ “Shawnee” Check it out!
I’m From the Government and I’m Here to Help 6/13/13 Here’s a neat video from I’m From The Government And I’m Here To Help, w/vid by Crimson Pestilence
Heavenly Chillbillies 6/12/13 This one is a WNY original featuring the Heavenly Chillbillies. It’s from the WNY Local Show!
Schulz Dave 6/11/13 Dave Schulz spends most of his time in LA these days, but this one was recorded back in Buffalo.
Blue Rocket Trio 6/10/13 Here’s an energy injection from the Blue Rocket Trio to get going on a Monday morning.
Lemuria 6/10/13 Audio Alert: A majority of us at WNY.FM are huge NPR fans, so this is pretty exciting for a WNY band!
Pine Fever 6/9/13 For those going out festivalin’ today … here’s Pine Fever. Hope the sun shines!
Colorblind James Experience 6/8/13 From the Rochester edge of WNY … the Colorblind James Experience.
Darrow Neil 6/7/13 45 Friday: Bob “The Record Guy” Paxon has another winner in Neil Darrow’s “Asphalt Jungle.” Check it out!
Trinca Paul 6/7/13 Here’s something a little quirky, but cool, from Paul Trinca. Don’t know if he plays out much.
Home Crowd 6/6/13 Here’s a punky pair from The Home Crowd at Xtreme Wheels.
James Rick 6/5/13 The late Buffalo native, Rick James –
DeFrancesco Papa John 6/4/13 Ex-pat Tuesday features Papa John DeFrancesco. Joey’s dad has Falls roots.
High Horse 6/3/13 Some funky rock from Niagara Falls’ High Horse.
Ward John 6/2/13 “Lonesome Hobo,” some true old-time country from John Ward in Mayville a few years back.
Darrow Neil 6/1/13 45 Friday: Neil Darrow’s story Pt.2 with “Heart and Soul” in an almost ska version! From Bob “The Record Guy” Paxon.
Shubbaluliuma 6/1/13 Shubbaluliuma live and a little crazy from the 9th Ward.Wow,just realized it’s 41 minutes! Oh well.
Aurigema Maria 5/31/13 It’s Maria Aurigema with some rockin’ blues from a few years back.
Darrow Neil 5/31/13 45 Friday: Neil Darrow’s story Pt.2 with “Heart and Soul” in an almost ska version! From Bob “The Record Guy” Paxon,
Fems Fatale 5/30/13 Here’s a short set from Fems Fatale:the Walters-led, non-Wieder Fems. This is from Electrorespect6.
Bearhunter 5/29/13 Bearhunter, from a couple years back. They’ve got a CD release show 6/7 at Nietzsche’s.
Calire Jimmy 5/28/13 It’s ex-pat Tuesday … with Jimmy Calire, playing funky keyboard out in Santa Barbara, Calif.
O Davey 5/28/13 WNY Video: Check out our newest post for some updates on Davey O, thoughts on Kerrville … and our newest video.
Hund & Allison 5/27/13 Michael Hund and Allison of Widowmaker have a summer anthem country thing going on w/ Wild Flower.
Gruvology 5/26/13 Get your holiday weekend Sunday Gruv on with Gruvology
James Emmi 5/25/13 Here’s Emmi James, one of the bright young talents in WNY.
Darrow Neil 5/24/13 45 Friday: Check out some early Neil Darrow, presented by Bob “The Record Guy” Paxon.
Industry of Life Divine 5/24/13 Check out the reunion show Saturday (tomorrow) at Broadway Joe’s (in memory of Heather Lee Murphy).
Mitchell & Beishline 5/23/13 Nine minutes of jazz bliss with Janice Mitchell and Jim Beishline.
Against All Hope 5/22/13 Here’s some legendary hardcore from the Scrapyard, 1992. It’s Against All Hope.
Hawk Chae 5/21/13 It’s ex-pat Tuesday, this time with Chae Hawk (located in LA, but shot this one at home in Bflo).
Argyle Street Band 5/20/13 Here’s one from the Argyle Street Band reunion show a while back.
Jesters 5/19/13 45 Friday: The Jesters are the stuff of Buffalo rock ‘n’ roll legend. Here’s Bob “The Record Guy” Paxon’s post.
Koban Ed 5/19/13 Here’s Ed Koban with a beautiful song on Native American flute.
Dady Brothers 5/18/13 The Dady Brothers with their tribute to Pete Seeger. They’re from Rochester, but regulars in Bflo.
Jesters 5/18/13 45 Friday: The Jesters are the stuff of Buffalo rock ‘n’ roll legend. Here’s Bob “The Record Guy” Paxon’s post.
Bravuras 5/17/13 Here’s some Friday night music … from the Bravuras, with guest John Valby sitting in on piano.
Brimstone Blondes 5/16/13 A little bit of cynical fun from Brimstone Blondes. Does it make you think of any concert series?
Garda 5/15/13 They call themselves rocktronic. Here’s the band Garda.
Sheehan Billy 5/14/13 It’s ex-pat Tuesday … with maestro Billy Sheehan.
Faith and Fiction 5/13/13 Some acoustic sounds from pop punksters Faith and Fiction. They’ve got electric version on new EP.
Koch Caitlin 5/12/13 Caitlin Koch and the Jamie Moses Band with something soulful.
Invictas 5/11/13 45 Friday: Bob “The Record Guy” Paxon is moving into the ’60s this time. Here’s Rochester’s Invictas with “The Hump.”
Scott Dave 5/11/13 You never know where you’ll find your music. It could be at Wegman’s. Here’s the Dave Scott Trio.
Invictas 5/10/13 45 Friday: Bob “The Record Guy” Paxon is moving into the ’60s this time. Here’s Rochester’s Invictas with “The Hump.”
May Willy 5/10/13 It’s blues time with the Willie May Band at the Armor Inn. They’ve got ’em dancin’.
West of the Mark 5/9/13 We haven’t done country in awhile, so here’s some West of the Mark.
Dr. Ooo 5/8/13 Some quirky hiphop from Dr. Ooo. A little mild profanity.
Galante Jessie 5/7/13 Ex-pat Tuesday’s feature is Jessie Galante, who’s been hanging out in NYC last we heard.
Local Lo-Down 5/7/13 Radio, Radio: The new Local Lo-Down from Chelsea O’Donnell and WCVF-FM is up. Check it out at
Funk Monster + Woman 5/6/13 Here’s one from the Freeland tribute show at Nietzsche’s Saturday night, Funk Monster + Woman.
Dark Marbles 5/5/13 Clarence native Yod Crewsy’s Dark Marbles with an ode to the Lake Erie beachside, “In Angola. “
Palumbo Rachel 5/4/13 Some R&B pop from Rachel Palumbo …
Chapman Monroe 5/3/13 45 Friday: This one from Bob the Record Guy Paxon is a great frantic rocker, Monroe Chapman’s “Come Dance with Rudy.”
Traditional 5/3/13 Jun 22, 2013 The Traditional is one of the hottest newer bands on the scene. Check ’em out.
Greene DoDo 5/2/13 There’s not a lot of the late DoDo Greene out there, but here’s some. A BMHOF selection.
Evans Alan 5/1/13 Here’s some funky stuff from Soullive’s Alan Evans, drumming with DJ Cutler.
Corey & Kate 4/30/13 It’s ex-pat Tuesday, so here are Corey & Kate. From Bflo, they headed to Georgia, making plans.
Cosmic Shakedown 4/29/13 Cosmic Shakedown, rockin’ down the house.
Massi Vinzent 4/28/13 From the Burchfield Penney stage, some pop-operatics from Vinzent Massi & the Revelation.
Larkin Plan 4/27/13 Some indie pop from The Larkin Plan at the Sportsmen’s.
Ethier Ray 4/26/13 45 Friday: Bob “The Record Guy” Paxon has dug up another killer instrumental, this time by Ray Ethier.
Lateef Quadir 4/26/13 Been awhile since we’ve had some hip-hop. Here’s Quadir Lateef.
Scott Denny & Larry 4/26/13 Bonus Video: This one’s for George Jones, RIP.
Rose Jon 4/25/13 Here’s some bluesy stuff from Jon Rose & Crew.
Local Lo-Down 4/24/13 Radio, Radio: The Local Lo-Down, from Chelsea O’Donnell, is online with Show 8. Emile Hawthorne was there live.
Mallwalkers 4/24/13 Here’s the Mallwalkers at the Funeral Home, which has run into some probs. Support ’em if you can.
Wilson Pat 4/23/13 It’s ex-pat Tuesday. Hence Clarence’s Pat Wilson (he’s the drummer) and Weezer.
A Boy and His Airplane 4/22/13 And now ” A Boy and his Airplane”
Heavenly Chillbillies 4/22/13 We’re recording again tonight. First up: @THCbillies in their home studio
O Davey 4/22/13 Davey O. On now
Scott George 4/22/13 The George Scott Big Band, with Melissa Kate and dancers. A taste of summer …
Fems 4/21/13 This is sort of special — a two-parter. It’s the Fems on WBNY in the Checkerboard Lounge!
Fems 4/21/13 And here’s part two … phenomenal stuff!
Hot Club of Buffalo 4/20/13 The Hot Club of Buffalo, at DBGB’s. Some classic jazz for a weekend morning.
Ronson Rick 4/20/13 45 Friday: This one is a bit of a puzzle, according to Bob The Record Guy Paxon. It’s by a guy named Rick Ronson.
Need 4/19/13 The Need, in a reunion show from 2002. Featuring Sue Kincaid on vocals.
Breckenwood 4/18/13 WNY Local Show: Show No. 4 is up, hosted by Greg Burt. It features a live performance by Breckenwood!
Local Lo-Down 4/18/13 Radio, Radio: After a little delay, here’s Local Lo-Down No. 7. Enjoy.
Screaming Jeans 4/18/13 The Screaming Jeans at Nietzsche’s. An indie pop fix for the day.
Chesterfield Kings 4/17/13 Classic garage revival from Rochester’s Chesterfield Kings … introduced by The Boss!
Tedesco Tommy 4/17/13 Radio Radio: Check out interviews with Tommy Tedesco by Tina Peel. He’s talking doing guitar for Elvis and Sinatra.
Fields Vanetta 4/16/13 This is truly ex-pat Tuesday. Buffalo native Vanetta Fields lives in Australia these days.
Sportsmen’s Tavern 4/16/13 WNY Places: SUNY Fredonia senior Colin Frank took a look at the Sportsmen’s and produced this cool multimedia piece.
Lightning Killed My Parents 4/15/13 Here’s a shot of energy to get you going on a Monday. Lightning Killed My Parents.
Hokan & Friends of the Sun 4/14/13 Guitar and drums fun from Hokan and Friends of the Sun. They’ve got new album for free on bandcamp.
Black Abstract 4/13/13 Radio, Radio: WNY Local Show No. 3 with Greg Burt is online. It’s got a live session with Black Abstract, plus more.
Hawthorne Emile 4/13/13 Here’s something atmospheric for a Saturday morning, from Emile Hawthorne.
Tempests 4/13/13 45 Friday: Our latest 45 from Bob “The Record Guy” Paxon is a rocker, the Tempests’ “Lemon Lime.” Check it out!
Black Abstract 4/12/13 WNY Local Show will be going online soon (EP). Meanwhile, here is this week’s video to go with it.
Colored Musicians Club 4/11/13 Some bits and pieces from the Colored Musicians Club.
Latimer Emile 4/10/13 Here’s some vintage Emile Latimer, from 1995.
Blanchard & Morgan 4/9/13 Ex-pat Tuesday. This was a monster national hit for Jack Blanchard & Misty Morgan.
Fonville & Hernandez 4/9/13 Radio Radio: Here’s a rare chance to hear two of Buffalo’s original rock ‘n’ rollers in an interview from the ’70s.
Kuhn Andrew 4/8/13 Here’s something quiet to start the week — Andrew Kuhn
Banaszak Phil 4/7/13 Now this is some real oldies music! From City Fiddle Phil Banaszak.
Civiletto Jack 4/6/13 Jack Civiletto, a Buffalo Hall of Famer. This pick’s from Michael B, who’s’s helping us pick some.
Local Lo-Down 4/6/13 Radio, Radio: Local Lo-Down is back! Chelsea O’Donnell and her crew have returned with another great show.
Anchor Me Down 4/5/13 We had the last song at the Mohawk. Here’s the first at the Waiting Room.
Raye Jimmie 4/5/13 45 Friday: Time to Philly Dog Around the World with Jimmie Raye! If you don’t know northern soul, here it is.
Beyond the Illusion 4/4/13 Beyond the Illusion. Under the rim. Jamestown band has an EP release show Friday in Tonawanda.
Kamp Chrystal Lake 4/4/13 NY LOCAL SHOW: Show No. 2 is up, with an interview and tracks from Kamp Chrystal Laek. Check it out at:
George 4/3/13 George! Not about the music source, but cool vid.
Peterson Lucky 4/2/13 Ex-pat Tuesday … Here’s with Lucky Peterson … with Wynton Marsalis!
Those Idiots 4/1/13 OK, it’s April Fools Day AND Dyngus Day. Time for Those Idiots. BTW, they’ve got a new CD.
Gonciarz Peter 3/31/13 It’s Easter and it’s Buffalo. Here’s some Easter music from St. Stan’s.
Raye Jimmie 3/30/13 45 Friday: It’s a little late, but here’s a great 45 from Bob “The Record Guy” Paxon. It’s soul legend Jimmie Raye.
Vores 3/30/13 Here’s Dave Meinzer with the Vores doing “Rock Castle,” his ode to McVan’s.
Leeper Richie 3/29/13 Here’s a soul standard from Richie Leeper & Rhythm Express. Richie, of Jamestownt, died last year.
Ruhl Matthew 3/28/13 Video of the Day (Cont’d): BTW, it’s by Matthew Ruhl. Check it out.
Hawk Chae 3/27/13 Here’s a rap piece from Chae Hawk. Some profanity, so not an office listen.
Mullhollen Joseph 3/26/13 Ex-pat Tuesday. Joseph Mullhollen is working out of Baltimore these days.
Fighting for First 3/25/13 Back at the Mohawk … Fighting for First.
Elizabeth Sara 3/24/13 Here’s something on the quieter side from Sarah Elizabeth.
Parks Patti 3/23/13 A bit of blues from the Patti Parks Band.
Buffalo Rebels 3/22/13 45 Friday: It’s twang time with the Buffalo Rebels, courtesy of Bob “The Record Guy” Paxon.
Funktional Flow 3/22/13 Funktional Flow at the Tralf.
Local Lo-Down 3/22/13 Radio Radio: This will be a good day for posts. Here’s the latest Local Lo-Down from Chelsea O’Donnell and WCVF.
Woma Bernard 3/21/13 Bernard Woma has close ties with Buffalo and SUNY Fredonia. Here he is at the Smithsonian.
Mary Jane Girls 3/20/13 Here’s some vintage R&B from the Mary Jane Girls.
Nile Willie 3/19/13 Ex-pat Tuesday features Willie Nile. He’s been coming back fairly regularly lately.
All of Them Witches 3/18/13 This one can replace your morning cup of coffee. All of Them Witches.
Local Lo-Down 3/18/13 Radio Radio: Local Lo-down No. 4 is now up as a podcast. Enjoy. It’s at
Stone Row 3/17/13 Stone Row seemed right for today.
eXit 3/16/13 eXit, featuring Joe Scinta, Brad Moser, Tim Unger, Rick Williams, Bill Watson.
Reno Nick 3/16/13 45 Friday: Here’s another great one by Bob (the Record Guy) Paxon. Enjoy! And our apologies for the delay.
Them Jazzbeards 3/15/13 David Kane/Them Jazzbeards. Can you name all the Bflo greats on that stage? Warning: abrupt ending.
Williams Billy Drease 3/14/13 Bout time for some Bflo hip-hop.
Invictas 3/13/13 Here’s a Hump Day special … Herb Gross & the Invictas are still doing “The Hump” in Rochester.
Corallo Ernie 3/12/13 It’s ex-pat Tuesday. Here’s BMHOFer Ernie Corallo on TV in Arkansas. The man rocks!
Black Abstract 3/11/13 TheBlackAbstrac performing for the WNY local show
Filter Kings 3/11/13 Some rock’n’roll to start your week These guys are playing the Hard Rock for free on Friday.
Local Lo-Down 3/11/13 Radio Radio: Here’s Local Lo-Down No. 3, with Chelsea O’Donnell!
O Davey 3/9/13 Here’s one of our own WNY.FM videos, featuring Davey O.
Sessions 3/9/13 45 Friday: Bob Paxon has another great post, this time tracking down the story on the Sessions’ “Girls Go for Guys.”
Diamond Lance 3/8/13 It’s Friday. Let’s call it Lance Diamond Day, with some vintage ’80s.
Hoca Claudia 3/7/13 Claudia Hoca is on the bill for Sunday’s “A Musical Feast” show at Burchfield-Penney.
McCarthyizm 3/6/13 We’re getting closer to St. Pat’s, and these guys will be at the Sportsmen’s Sun. So let’s do it.
DJ Cutler 3/5/13 Some turntablisma, courtesy of DJ Cutler.
Last Conservative 3/4/13 The Last Conservative with a little energy to get you going on a Monday morning.
Local Lo-Down 3/4/13 Radio Radio: Here’s Chelsea O’Donnell’s latest Local Lo-Down from WCVF in Fredonia.
Piorkowski James 3/3/13 Some beautiful solo guitar from James Piorkowski.
Barton & Ward 3/2/13 Amanda Barton and Bill Ward, from Chautauqua County.
Alaimo Chuck 3/1/13 45 Friday: From Bob Paxon, here’s more scorching instrumental sound, from the Rochester side and Chuck Alaimo.
Utah Jazz 3/1/13 Dark. Grungy. Perfect setting for Utah Jazz at Spiral Scratch.
Galla Tony 2/28/13 Tony Galla’s name came up yesterday. Here’s his live version of a hit (of sorts).
Every Time I Die 2/27/13 Every Time I Die. Loud, fast and NSFO-not safe for office – a few too many f-bombs.
Local Lo-Down 2/27/13 Radio, Radio: Here’s our first Local Lo-Down from Chelsea O’Donnell and WCVF. WNY Music!
Franklin Aretha 2/26/13 Ex-pat Tuesday with Aretha. Only here for the blink of an eye, but we like to call her our own.
Shaky Stage 2/25/13 Shaky Stage … “got more keys than a Frank Zappa record, but I don’t have the key to your heart.”
Larkin Maddie 2/24/13 Some teen country from Maddie Larkin.
Beard Chris 2/23/13 The easternmost side of WNY? … Well, that would be Rochester, right? Well here’s Chris Beard.
Buddies 2/22/13 45 Friday: Bob the Record Guy has another great one. This time, it’s a surf instrumental.
Randle & the Late Night Scandals 2/22/13 Something soulful from Randle & the Late Night Scandals. Bunny ears? It WAS near Halloween.
The Bunny, The Bear 2/21/13 What, only 466,000 video views? Guess we can add a few more for The Bunny, The Bear.
Baudo Joe 2/20/13 2014 There are too many people to fit in one screen! The Joe Baudo Big Band, every Tuesday at Sportsmen’s.
Andersen Eric 2/19/13 Ex-pat Tuesday. Eric Andersen — on the Johnny Cash Show.
Wilmer & the Dukes 2/18/13 Just saw this courtesy of Bob the Record Guy. Had to bump another vid to put Wilmer up right away.
Fredonia Tuba/Euphonium Quartet 2/17/13 OK, this is a bit quirky, but beautiful. “Loch Lomond,” performed by Fredonia Tuba/Euphonium Quartet.
Darlak Jerry 2/16/13 OK, this is Bflo and we haven’t done polka yet. That is just wrong. Here’s some. They rock the polka!
Fibs 2/15/13 It’s not the best quality, but, hey, there’s a party in parking lot? Who can resist?
Hickey Ersel 2/15/13 45 Friday: WNY had a lot of groups but few true Rockabillies. In Ersel Hickey, we had the sound – and the LOOK.
Colors in the Air 2/14/13 Valentine’s Day edition … Colors in the Air w/Looking for Love. @keithbarker
Gamalon 2/13/13 Vintage video from Gamalon. 1990. Lena. #bmhof
Pfaff Kristen 2/12/13 For ex-pat Tuesday, it’s the late Kristen Pfaff in Janitor Joe, her band before she joined Hole.
Lemuria 2/11/13 Lemuria with some guitar pop to get you going on a Monday morning.
Black Rock Zydeco 2/10/13 It’s gospel. It’s zydeco. It’s Black Rock Zydeco.
Ransomville 2/9/13 These guys will be playing with Cowboy Troy tonight at Club Infinity.
Lunch 2/8/13 It May be Friday, but it was Stormy Monday in the WUFO studios.
Rhinoceros 2/7/13 A whole set of hardcore from the Funeral Home, with Rhinoceros.
Pauline, Bob, Scott, EVR, Roger 2/6/13 A little rock ‘n’ roll. Back at the Mohawk.
Mr. Conrad 2/5/13 Bonus Video: Mr. Conrad near the crossroads — Clarksdale, MS. — with Toronto’s Shrimp Daddy.
Smith Lonnie 2/5/13 It’s ex-pat Tuesday. Here’s Dr. Lonnie Smith!
Freeek 2/4/13 Here’s something to clear out the brain — A little cartoon rock from The Freeeek.”
John & Mary 2/3/13 John & Mary with a 10,000 Maniacs song.
Falgiano Rob 2/2/13 Rob Falgiano with a fun video. Don’t think he ever actually plays the guitar on camera.
Skeptics 2/1/13 The Skeptics, on TV, in 1995.
Haddath Willie 1/31/13 Time for some instrumental blues with Willie Haddath.
Son of the Sun 1/31/13 Bonus Video: We’ve already done Son of the Sun (our goal is to not repeat) but how can u resist The Old Pink as bonus?
Joe Public 1/30/13 A vintage video from the early ’90s … and one of the biggest singles to come from a Bflo band.
Dillon Phil 1/29/13 Phil Dillon is an expat (Nashville), but here he remembers ones of the Buffalo greats – Mike Meldrum.
Kickstart Rumble 1/28/13 Here’s Kickstart Rumble with its take on a standard.
Hayes Mick 1/27/13 Bonus video: Here is southtowner Mick Hayes’ band playing with STEVIE WONDER at the NAMM show in LA last night. Wow.
Speight Alexis 1/27/13 Some a capella Alexis Spight.
Johnson Bob 1/26/13 From one of this page’s followers … just Bob Johnson and his guitar.
Supremes 1/26/13 45 Friday: For WNYfans, this is a big one. Dr.Lonnie Smith, Grover Washington Jr., Barbara St.Clair. Singing? 1958? Wow!
Wilson Danny Lynn 1/25/13 Here’s some Chicago style blues from the Buffalo Blues Project with Danny Lynn Wilson.
Deliver the Fallout 1/24/13 Feel like getting a little loud.
Juke Joint Rhythm & Soul Revue 1/23/13 A little bit o’ soul … with couple of shots edited together frm the Juke Joint Rhythm & Soul Revue.
Hambridge Tom 1/22/13 Here’s another expatriate edition with Tom Hambridge, with Delbert McClinton.
City Under Siege 1/21/13 Some pop rock energy from City Under Siege.
Reimers Andrew 1/20/13 Ten Degrees …that sounds about right for tonite. Andrew J. Reimers & the Country Punk Extravaganza.
Redheaded Stepchild 1/19/13 Redheaded Stepchild, performing in the hinterlands of Angelica.
Vores 1/18/13 This just got posted…it’s incredibly good video for that era. Multi-camera, good sound.Vores. Wow!
Albrights 1/17/13 The Albrights, at the Albright-Knox last month.
Universe Shark 1/16/13 Jammin’ … with Universe Shark.
Morlix Gurf 1/15/13 It’s another ex-pat edition. This time we’ve got Hamburg’s own Gurf Morlix, guitarist and storyteller
Girlpope 1/14/13 This is it … the last song played at Mohawk Place (unless unlikely miracles occur). It’s girlpope.
Count Rabbit 1/13/13 Yes, it’s 22, count ’em, 22 minutes of … the late Count Rabbit. Anybody able to identify the venue?
Bryan Roger 1/12/13 Final Mohawk show tonight. These guys will play. One of the several Hi-Lo studio bands on bill.
Lynn Kathy 1/11/13 45 Friday: Kathy Lynn & the Playboys – “Rock City”
Wolf Tickets 1/11/13 A couple of songs from one of the bands on the bill for Mohawk closing night one: Wolf Tickets.
Stone Country 1/10/13 The camera us shaky, but what a great song. Stone Country.
Previte Bobby 1/9/13 Here’s ex-pat Bobby Previte. He’s coming to Hallwalls Jan . 14 with Gamble-Previte-Rucker.
Jordan Al 1/8/13 Something from the hip-hop side. AJ Jordan. Some mild profanity. Maybe nsfw. Some auto tune.
Melissa Kate 1/7/13 Here’s something to ease you into the week … the beautiful sounds of Melissa Kate.
Buchwald Terry 1/6/13 It’s the 12th Day of Christmas — yes, it’s King’s Day. So here’s Buffalo’s version of the King.
Brother Keep 1/5/13 Some lighter sounds by a young band from Eden. They’ve got a new album out, Face Like a Map.
Leon & the Forklifts 1/4/13 Talk about unusual venues … here’s Leon & the Forklifts.
I Can See Mountains 1/3/13 Great song title … nicely shot video! From I Can See Mountains.
Funk Supreme 1/2/13 Can’t get enough … of that funky stuff. Really. I wish the video had continued longer!
Breckenwood 1/1/13 Let’s start the year with look forward with Breckenwood, one of Bflo’s best bets for success in ’13.
Szelest Stan 12/31/12 If you’re partying tonight, this one is one to get you ready. It’s from a Ronnie Hawkins concert DVD.
Lorentz Tom 12/30/12 Buffalo Music Hall of Famer Tom Lorentz with one to ease you into the day.
Thirds 12/29/12 The Thirds, with the late Charlie O’Neill singing lead, in 1980.
Kaufman & Grizanti 12/28/12 Here is a pair of Buffalo Music Hall of Famers jamming to blues standard, “There’s a Man Down There.”
Tune Rockers 12/28/12 45 Friday: From Bob the Record Guy, it’s the Tune Rockers’ No Stoppin’ This Boppin’, great ’50s instrumental madness.
Blank Shots 12/27/12 Bonus Video: College bands come and go. This one, from Fredonia, played its last show recently. Like the big horns!
Butler Jessie 12/27/12 Jessie Butler is a stone-cold legend of Buffalo soul music.This one makes you feel like you’re there.
Plates 12/26/12 OK, enough of that gooey sh…ow of emotions. Christmas was yesterday. now it’s time to rock again.
Mallaber Gary 12/25/12 Merry Christmas everyone!
Vocalis Chamber Choir 12/24/12 This just seemed right for Christmas Eve.
Donna the Buffalo 12/23/12 Bonus video: We claim Donna as partial WNYers.They’ve got Bflo in name.They sing of Jamestown.Hence bonus holiday pick.
Jamcrackers 12/23/12 Just a simple video from one of our favorite combos … including Fredonia legend Dan Berggren!
Morvels 12/22/12 Hope you’re having a soulful Christmas … Here’s the sweet soul of the Morvels.
Fendermen 12/21/12 45 Friday! From Bob the Record Guy, it’s the Fendermen and their holiday tribute “Fas-Nacht-Kuechel” –
Great Train Robbery 12/21/12 Some vintage Fredonia ska from the Great Train Robbery.
Burmese Refugees 12/20/12 Here’s another holiday one. From the International Inst. … the guitar’s what makes it really cool!
McGraw Sean Patrick 12/19/12 A little country with Sean Patrick McGraw. Seems like a taste of summer, when he plays here a lot.
Ball Cheese Psychotics 12/18/12 Christmas in July with the Ball Cheese Psychotics. In beautiful Allentown.
Chosen Ones 12/17/12 A little punk rock from the Chosen Ones to wake you up on a Monday morning!
Dreadbeats 12/16/12 The Dreadbeats with “We Three Kings.” BTW, thanks to NIckel City Dave for a bevy of holiday tunes.
Brock Scooter 12/15/12 Scooter Brock with some hip-hop at the Central Terminal.
Fitzgibbon, Verghese & Swarts 12/14/12 Holiday edition … from South Buffalo.
Vel-Tones 12/14/12 45 Friday: From Bob the Record Guy, it’s the Vel-Tones. And wow, are these Niagara Falls guys smooth on this one!
Scary Chicken and Monkey Wrench 12/13/12 Some classic Continental video. BTW, Continental reunion is March 15. Watch for details on FB.
Zydeco LeeRon 12/12/12 Another holiday edition, this time with LeeRon Zydeco.
Flatbed 12/11/12 It’s been good to see Flatbed playing more shows recently. Great Americana sound.
Buffalo Bills 12/10/12 Bills fans live for pain. This holiday vid goes back to the days when the Bills were almost good.
Bloodthirsty Vegans 12/9/12 It’s those Blood Thirsty Vegans mixing it up at the NY Green Fest.
Buffalo Gay Men’s Choir 12/8/12 We’re on an every-other-day holiday kick. Here’s the Buffalo Gay Men’s Choir with “Do You Hear.”
Elbert Donnie 12/7/12 45 Friday: One more from Donnie Elbert, via Bob “The Record Guy” Paxon.
Fratrock Riff 12/7/12 This one’s from last month’s fundraiser for Dave Bellanca and Rock4Hospice. Riff Fratrock & crew.
Humanoid 12/6/12 It’s St. Nicholas Day. It’s time for some holiday music. Humanoid version plays at Larkin Fri night.
James Jony 12/5/12 The Jony James Blues Band, playing way down south in Marietta, Ga.
Tails 12/4/12 The Tails. From the film “The Falls,” with the song “Everything Works Out.”
Son of the Sun 12/3/12 Son of the Sun, “Keys.”
Sunday’s Best 12/2/12 This is a long one. Half an hour of gospel solo a capella that leads to a talent show next week.
Sleepy HaHas 12/1/12 The Sleepy Hahas. Look for them on the bill with the Dollywatchers tonight at the Mohawk Place.
J-Heat 11/30/12 Venturing into hiphop with J-Heat. For office/school views, positive message but a bit of profanity.
WEBR 11/30/12 45 Friday: WNED-AM is going off the air tonight. Courtesy of Forgotten Bflo/WEBR on FB (WNED was WEBR ’til ’93).
Warm Filaments 11/29/12 The Warm Filaments. Live last weekend at Nietzsche’s.
WGMC 11/29/12 Producer Bradley Freedman’s first story: a profile of Jazz 90.1 WGMC-FM –
Creekbend 11/28/12 Creekbend has been the face of bluegrass in WNY for close to 30 years now. These guys can all play.
Goo Goo Dolls 11/27/12 Do you think it’s time we finally got to some Goos? This was their first sort of major label vid.
Case Peter 11/26/12 Another expat Monday. This time, it’s Peter Case.There are frequent WNY references in his songs.
Talas 11/25/12 Talas, live from 1981.Sorry about tape wobble, but where else can you see this? True Bflo legends!
Cowboys of Scotland 11/24/12 Cowboys of Scotland, from their Freeland-based rock opera. They play tonight at Nietzsche’s w Bobo.
Ookla the Mok 11/23/12 Today’s a day to get your inner geek on with Ookla the Mok. This one was a Saturday morning TV theme.
Canal Street String Band 11/22/12 The Canal Street String Band with a classic folk tune. It just seemed to fit for Thanksgiving. .
Soul Johnny 11/21/12 It’s one of the biggest party nights of th year. Let the Good Times Roll w the legendary Johnny Soul.
B-Side Basterds 11/20/12 The B-Side Basterds w Two Tone Stomp. Skadelicious.
Wheat Brian 11/19/12 One to ease into the week with: Brian Wheat, recorded at the Central Terminal.
Babik 11/18/12 Some great instrumental sounds from Babik.
WAKOS 11/17/12 Some WAKOS, filmed at Baird Hall, UB, to ease into the weekend.
Adub & Timmy P 11/16/12 Buffalo invades Nashville! It’s ADub & Timmy P. with an all-star Bflo cast. Jonnie’s Outta Jail.
Paper Faces 11/15/12 Vintage Continental with the Paper Faces.
Juliet Dagger 11/14/12 The Juliet Dagger, Sooper. Vid by Chris Santucci for Good Charamel.
Exoutics 11/13/12 The Exoutics, with some classic sweet soul.
Corrections 11/12/12 It’s Monday; here’s something bouncy to start the week. It’s the acoustic Corrections.
Klyma Greg 11/11/12 Don’t know if you’ve ever had kale, but you can still like the song. Here’s our friend Greg Klyma.
Pipitone Allison 11/10/12 Allison Pipitone. This one is to celebrate the Expo Bout in NT today. It’s complicated.
Mr. Conrad 11/9/12 Get ready for some Friday night blues with Mr. Conrad,with video by the Sessions Studio crew.
Quakes 11/8/12 The Quakes in Birmingham, England, but these were Bflo kids. Paul Roman still has Quakes on the road.
Sullivan Terry 11/7/12 Another of the legends. Here’s Terry from just a few years back with Power World on Good Charamel.
Hall of Fame All-Stars 11/6/12 We’ve got a killer version of Funky Broadway by local greats at 2012 BMHOF induction. All hail Dyke.
Klear 11/5/12 Here’s some Klear to wake you up this Monday morning. Video by Steve Robinson. Shot in Lockport.
Cissoko Kilissa 11/4/12 Kilissa Cissoko. Is it really possible she’s been doing great music in Bflo for 20 years now?
Meldrum Michael 11/3/12 Michael Meldrum is another one who left us too soon. Here he is @UB, w/ some conversation thrown in.
Pentimento 11/2/12 Hey, the weekend’s almost here.Get it going w some noise from Pentimento. They’re on tour right now.
Unity Band 11/1/12 The music starts about 58 seconds into this one. It smokes!
Green Jello 10/31/12 Who else would you rather see on Halloween? Green Jello!
Klaws Irving 10/30/12 It’s that dress-up tyme. So today we’ve got Irving Klaws doing Pixies … a la Roy Orbison!
Tune Rockers 10/29/12 Tune Rockers were Bflo’s first hit rockers. This was on national Beechnut show, not Bandstand.
Nickson Rod 10/28/12 Rod Nickson belts out it w the Electras, plus Mark Winsick, Jim Ehinger. At River Grill Aug 13, 2009.
moe 10/27/12 … And from earlier this year, here’s moe showing some dogged determination. rim shot.
Freeland Mark 10/26/12 Mark Freeland with Mars Williams. Mark is missed. What more can you say?
Schulz Gretchen 10/25/12 Another one of our unmistakeable voices … Gretchen Schulz.
Skiffle Minstrels 10/24/12 Skiffle Minstrels, caught in their native habitat at the Sportsmen’s Tavern. Two-Step Gorilla, y’all.
New Toys 10/23/12 Time to rock ‘n’ roll! Here are the reunited New Toys (minus the late Alan “Rocky Starr” Kalicki).
Ramsey Mary 10/22/12 Mary Ramsey & the Healers. Mary is one of WNY’s musical treasures.
Dunlop Boyd Lee 10/21/12 Welcome to Video of the Day … This is our first post … Who better to start with than Boyd Lee Dunlop?

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